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Going beyond the basics, a Coker business degree teaches you what it really takes to be a leader.

With a strong liberal arts core, you will study business philosophy from a global and entrepreneurial perspective. You will learn how to communicate and write clearly, concisely, and completely. You will gain not just practical skills, but also the understanding of complex business practices and how to adapt to a rapidly changing business environment.

But what good is the knowledge without the skills and confidence to apply it? With Coker’s round-table learning philosophy, you’ll work in small groups that encourage you to explore and practice the process of complex decision-making in real-world business scenarios. Outside of the classroom, you’ll find numerous opportunities to practice the practical application of your skills. Consider pursuing an internship with Duke Energy or Sonoco Products Company (two of the major international companies in Hartsville), learning about global markets with an internship abroad, or getting involved with Enactus, an active campus group and nonprofit that aims to enable progress through entrepreneurial action.



If you’re naturally drawn to leadership positions, a management concentration will teach you how to build on your innate leadership abilities and leverage them for success in a broad range of group, organizational and social settings. At Coker, you’ll learn how to manage people and functions in the workplace, all grounded in theories and principles of business such as economics, statistics, and human resource functions. Students of management are trained to be decision-makers, problem-solvers and leaders.


In today’s rapidly changing, technology-driven marketplace, marketing is all about understanding evolving consumer relationships. At Coker, you’ll work in small groups and study real examples of consumer behavior, pricing policies, advertising and sales. Analytical skills, logic and creativity all factor in to success in this field.

Sport Management

Sport management majors look at the Super Bowl and understand that the world of athletics isn’t a game—it’s a multi-billion dollar industry. A framework of business classes will teach you important business concepts, including how to manage and lead effectively. Combined with knowledge of physical education and sport science, you’ll be prepared to take on any managerial position in athletics, such as sport fitness clubs, YMCAs, retail management, or sport administration.

Download the Academic Catalog

For a more detailed explanation of requirements, including course descriptions, download the Academic Catalog.

Business is one of the most practical and versatile majors, as well as one of the most sought-after by hiring managers. Whether your goals include climbing the ladder at a major corporation, working at a non-profit, or starting your own company, a business degree will be a great first step.

For more information on potential career paths, click here.

Examples of alternate career paths you can follow with your business administration degree:

Management Careers
  • Advertising Account Executive
  • Advocate/Policy Maker
  • Benefits Administrator
  • Branch Manager
  • Consultant
  • Contract Administrator
  • Credit Manager/Loan Officer
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Distribution Manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Facilities Planner
  • Financial Aid Director
  • Financial Analyst
  • Food/Beverage Manager
  • Fundraiser/Development Officer
  • Hotel/Motel Manager
  • Human Resources Generalist
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Insurance Agent/Broker
  • Insurance Underwriter
  • International Trade Specialist
  • Inventory Control Specialist
  • IRS Revenue Officer
  • Job Analyst
  • Labor Relations Specialist
  • Management Trainee
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Nursing Home Administrator
  • Operations Manager
  • Property Manager
  • Public Administrator
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Purchasing Agent
  • Realtor
  • Researcher
  • Retail Buyer
  • Retail Store Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Securities Broker
  • Training Specialist
Marketing Careers
  • Account Representative
  • Advertising Account Executive
  • Advertising Copywriter
  • Art director
  • Bank Officer
  • Brand manager
  • Business Manager
  • Buyer, Retail Store
  • Claim Adjustor
  • Commercial Artist
  • Consultant
  • Consumer Loan Officer
  • Copywriter
  • Credit Analyst
  • Customer Services Manager
  • Development Officer
  • Distribution Manager
  • Franchise Specialist
  • Grant Writer
  • Import/Export Manager
  • Inside Salesperson
  • Insurance Agent
  • Inventory Manager
  • Management Trainee
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Marketing/Sales Manager
  • Media Analyst
  • Media Buyer
  • Media Planner
  • Product Manager
  • Promotion Services Director
  • Property Manager
  • Public Relations Director
  • Research Analyst
  • Retail Store Manager
  • Sales Promotor
  • Sales Representative
  • Securities Broker
  • Telecommunications Director
  • Telemarketing Director
  • Urban/Regional Planner
  • Wholesale Salesperson


Robert L. Wyatt, Ph.D.
President of the College; Professor of Business Administration
Associate Professor, Department of Business Adminstration; Chair, The Department of Business Administration; Program Coordinator of the Business Administration major
Associate Professor of Business
Associate Professor of Business Administration
Assistant Professor of Business Administration; Coordinator of the Business Management Program
Special Lecturer in Business
Special Lecturer ​o​f Business
Professor of Business Administration
Assistant Professor of Business Administration; Director of Leadership and Entrepreneurship Initiatives