Trans4mations: Defining the Coker Experience

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A Coker College education is a transformative experience.

Coker College was founded on this simple, but powerful, belief. In his address that formally closed Welsh Neck High School and created Coker College in 1908, founder Major James Lide Coker spoke of the “first-class institution” he envisioned.

At the time, he was referring to the original Coker College for Women—and the decision to go co-ed in 1969 is just one of many changes Coker has gone through since. But through more than a century of evolution, one constant remains: a steadfast commitment to excellence.

The Coker experience offers something unique—a certain brand of excellence grounded in Coker’s core values. The College’s original seal contained the following inscription: “Character, Culture, Christian Service.” While no longer affiliated with a religious institution (since 1944), Coker has stayed true to its founding values of character, culture, and service.

To understand how these values are a part of Coker’s curriculum today, look no further than Trans4mations, Coker’s four-year plan. The idea for a four-year plan began with the adoption of the College’s new strategic plan in 2009. In the fall of 2010, a committee was assembled and charged with developing a program that would take those core aspects of the Coker experience and make them a guaranteed part of each and every student’s education through a formal four-year plan.

In the summer of 2011, Trans4mations was born.

With this program, Coker College formally adopted into its curriculum four components that have been a part of the Coker experience for decades: personal and academic exploration, service and cultural engagement, study away, and a capstone experience. Throughout a student’s time at Coker, Trans4mations guides him or her through a personalized sequence of both curricular and co-curricular experiences in these four areas. By the time they graduate, Trans4mations ensures that all students have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for both personal and professional success.

Nearly 107 years after the Major’s address, Coker College has been through countless transformations of its own. But through it all, the Major’s vision of a first-class institution—and the essence of the Coker experience—remains. Each year of Trans4mations, rooted in Coker's values and history, prepares students for the future.


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