Course Sequence - Management & Leadership

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The Coker College Master of Science in Management and Leadership program will build upon an undergraduate education by adding core business management and leadership skills. Students work in groups, developing a keen appreciation for collaboration in academic and real-world settings. All students move through the program together, taking the following classes:

Note: This is a sample sequence. Actual scheduling may vary. 

Start Date Class ID Class Name
August MGTL 510 Accounting for Decision Making
September MGTL 520 Leadership & Team Management
October MGTL 530 Finance & Business Analytics
January MGTL 540 Management Communications
February MGTL 550 Marketing Management
March MGTL 560 Global Initiatives in Management
May MGTL 570 Negotiations
June MGTL 580 Creating an Ethical Organization
August MGTL 590 Operations Management
September MGTL 600 Business Strategy & Decision Making


*The Master of Science in Management & Leadership degree is currently pending approval by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.