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An internship is an opportunity to gain real-world experience, grow your professional network, and most importantly, test out a career to see if it’s the right fit for you. That's why students in the Master of College Athletic Administration program are given the option to each take one internship for course credit. Below are a few examples of the great internships that students have experienced at Coker.

Eric Garlow '13

Development Intern, Boston University (Athletics)
Development Office Intern, University of Indianapolis:

"I knew I wanted to be an athletic administrator at the collegiate level. The classes at Coker helped me narrow down what area in athletics I wanted to pursue a career in. I had a month-long internship at the University of Indianapolis. I worked with their development office raising money for athletics and connecting with individuals throughout the industry. In fact, it was through my internship that I connected with Boston University. That experience, coupled with my master’s degree, led to my current position at Boston University where I am working full-time raising money for their annual fund with a concentration in boosting varsity donor relations."

Sharod Williams '15

Asst. Director of Sports Information, Coker College
General Manager, Geneva Red Wings & Geneva Twins:

"I actually found out about the internship from an assistant baseball coach in the program. I worked for the Geneva Red Wings and Geneva Twins of the New York Collegiate Baseball League (NYCBL) in Geneva, New York. I was a general manager, so my day-to-day operations entailed setting up public appearances, school visits and other community service projects for the two teams. I was responsible for marketing and promotions within the community, and I ran the ticket booth and merchandise shop during the games. I did this internship to figure out if administration was really a passion of mine. This internship allowed me to wear every hat I could possibly wear while pursuing a career in collegiate athletic administration. I learned that I have what it takes to eventually be the head of an organization or department, but it is a process in achieving that title. I saw a lot of growth in myself as a professional, as well as an individual. It was the most fulfilling internship I have had to date"

Stacey Corry '15

Coordinator of Sports Information, Rhodes College
Asst. Athletic Director, Christian Brothers University:

"To get the internship, I contacted Christian Brothers' athletic director via email explaining my need for an internship. I wanted to get the perspective of another NCAA division and another athletic department. I learned a ton during my internship. While the classes were very informative, it was beginning to be very overwhelming when I thought about doing it for a living. But seeing the day-to-day operations firsthand really made it seem more realistic and doable. I would recommend an internship to anyone aspiring to work in college athletics. It was a great learning experience, and with guidance from the athletic director, I was able to complete many tasks on my own, internalizing information and learning from the process."

Matthew Gorry '15

Sports Writer, Salisbury Post
Interactive Media Intern, Charlotte Hornets

"I found my internship while researching the many professional sports organizations in the Charlotte area. My title is Interactive Media Intern, and I handle writing game previews and recaps, taking photographs of practices and pre-game ceremonies, as well as on-camera interviews with players—it all goes up on It's been a great opportunity to gain the experience I need to pursue my dream career in athletics."