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At 11 p.m. on weeknights most people would be at home either sleeping or enjoying downtime after a long day at work.  Not Coker College Adult Learners Program for Higher Achievement (ALPHA) student Gloria Mack – she is in her professor’s office discussing a biology lesson.

“He stayed and patiently helped me understand the lesson to the point where I was the one suggesting it was getting late,” Mack says.

Mack, a police officer, decided that becoming an ALPHA student at Coker was for her after working with fellow officers who were attending Coker College and learning of the professional development opportunities available after earning degrees.

“A college degree has a lot to do with career progression in the police department,” said Mack.  “Education goes hand-in-hand with advancement and promotion.”

Coker’s ALPHA program understands that adult students have busy schedules outside of their coursework.  The professors at Coker really listen to their students, which is the key component of the round table learning experience.  Hands-on, discussion-based learning allows ALPHA students to connect with professors in a variety of ways in and out of the classroom.

“If I am on call, I know I can let the professor know before class and they will be flexible enough to let me go if I get called out,” said Mack.

The class sizes are structured, so the professors really listen to the students’ thoughts and opinions.  These are the aspects that enticed Mack to enroll in the ALPHA program.  The majority of the students in this program motivate one another because every student involved makes sacrifices in order to make it to classes and be a part of the ALPHA program.

“You come in every day and people have stories to share. You develop a bond with your classmates,” said Mack.

After 11 years on the force, Mack is gaining more knowledge and confidence by attending the ALPHA program.

“Basically everything I hear in class I can use directly in my career,” said Mack.

Written by Halee Polson, Class of '13 - Marketing & Communications Intern
For more information, contact Chris Dougherty - 843.383.8018