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Meet the Commissioners

The Commissioner group was founded in 1924 and is the oldest student organization on campus. The Commissioners, who are each responsible for a "family" of incoming students, help their family adjust to college life.

All new students are placed into a Commissioner Family. Each student is randomly placed into a family, giving everyone the chance to meet their peers. Each family, headed by a Commissioner, will interact in various capacities from social events to family philanthropy. You will meet your Commissioner during orientation. In addition to helping you move in, your Commissioner will guide you through orientation and help you get to know the others in your group.

Taylor Adams
Major: Theater Performance
Hometown: Union, SC
Commissioner Group: Jones Family (Dolphin)
Hall: RTC 4th Left

Kristin Barron
Major: Art, Psychology
Hometown: Aiken, SC
Commissioner Group: Sikes Family (Bunny)
Hall: Memorial, 1st Floor

Avery Bateman
Major: Vocal Performance
Hometown: Charleston, SC
Commissioner Group: Keyes Family (Mouse)
Hall: Memorial, 2nd Floor

Sarah Folsom
Major: Graphic Design
Hometown: Bishopville, SC
Commissioner Group: Green Family (Bald Eagle)
Hall: Memorial, 2nd Floor

Sydney Greenwalt
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Glen Carbon, IL
Commissioner Group: Callcott Family (Stink Bug)
Hall: Belk, 2rd Floor

Brittany Malloy
Major: Music Education
Hometown: Cheraw, SC
Commissioner Group: Agnew Family (Baby Gluck Gluck)
Hall: Memorial, 3rd Floor

Ashley Meador
Major: Exercise Science
Hometown: Union, SC
Commissioner Group: Turbeville Family (Frog)
Hall: RTC 4th Left

Daniel Meyer
Major: Business
Hometown: Walterboro, SC
Commissioner Group: Hall Family (Moo Cow)
Hall: Belk 3rd

Jayla Parks
Major: English
Hometown:Kershaw, SC
Commissioner Group: Womble Family (Elephant)
Hall: Memorial, 3rd Floor

Jasmine Stevenson
Major: Dance
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Commissioner Group: Campbell Family (Turtle)
Hall: Memorial, 1st Floor

Whitney Wallett
Major: Biology
Hometown: Shermans Dale, PA
Commissioner Group: Baldy Family (Monkey)
Hall: Belk, 2nd Floor