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Math tutoring is available in the the Math Lab in Science Building 113. The lab employs peer tutors to provide help for day students taking MAT101 - Intermediate Algebra, MAT203 - Elementary Statistics, MAT210 - College Algebra and Trigonometry, and for MAT222 - Calculus I.

Evening students can receive tutoring for MAT100 - Basic Algebra, as well as MAT101 and MAT203. The tutor, not a student, provides help and assistance to evening students on a per term basis, separate from the Math Lab.


The Writer’s Studio is a helps students develop and improve their writing at all levels of experience. Specially trained Writer’s Studio consultants (student peers) help students brainstorm ideas; discuss and understand assignments; take notes to organize and write a first draft; improve the focus, organization, and clarity of their own ideas; and develop and better articulate their own ideas.

The Writer's Studio is located on the second floor of the Charles W. and Joan S. Coker Library-Information Technology Center.