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Everybody’s different, and have you ever wondered why?

If you are interested in people, the quirks of human nature, and the complex questions surrounding behavior, Coker’s online psychology degree can open up a world of opportunity.  A major in psychology provides insight into both the world around you and your own personal development. In Coker’s digital classroom, you’ll learn how to predict, interpret and control behaviors, as well as research methodology,observation skills, and scientific analysis.

Interdisciplinary studies is a different approach to the traditional major; it’s a meaningful solution for students desiring a broader, more encompassing field of study.

Coker’s interdisciplinary studies program helps students mix their passions and talents to create customized fields of study. Majoring in a subject typically involves the intense study of a single discipline—but interdisciplinary studies majors work across disciplines, seeing how things connect and bringing them together.


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