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Coker’s social work program teaches beyond the certification.

In class, you will learn data analysis and research methods, as well as the bigger picture of human behavior, social policies, values and ethics. Outside of class, three on-site internships will build on your coursework with valuable field experience.

With a Physical Education and Sport Studies major at Coker, you can forget about a boring, lecture-based learning process—expect to have an active role in shaping your education.

From day one, you’ll be developing close relationships with your professors, heading over to the gym to see your coursework in action, and discovering how to incorporate cutting-edge technology into the concepts you learn in class.

Guaranteed study abroad. Valuable language skills. Transformative cultural knowledge.

Right now, there are more than 50 million Hispanic people in the United States. By 2050, that number is expected to grow to more than 132 million, or 30 percent of the population. As the number of Spanish speakers continues to grow, Spanish proficiency will only become an even more valuable professional skill—especially in fields like business and medicine.

The study of English language and literature encompasses all facets of humanity.

You’ll study writing and literary theory, of course, but you’ll also study history, art, social customs, religion, culture, and more.

Medical technologists, the laboratory scientists who analyze body fluids and tissues, fill an extremely important role in the field of medicine.

They use high-powered microscopes and other complex equipment to perform a range of tests and laboratory procedures, which assists doctors in diagnosing and treating disease. It’s a challenging program, but if you have a passion for science and healthcare, it can lead to a rewarding and secure career.

The human mind is one of the most complicated and intriguing mysteries in today's scientific world.

If you’re fascinated by understanding why people do the things that they do, you might consider majoring in psychology.

An interest in politics, government or current events often leads students toward studying political science.

But this major is more than just the study of political structures—it’s a broad understanding of history and culture combined with discussion of current events and cutting-edge statistical analysis.


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