Day Program Students
Spanish Resources
· Spanish/English Dictionaries
· American Heritage Spanish/English Dictionary
· (will also check the Spanish Royal Academy Dictionary)
· dictionaries (Spanish, English-Spanish)
· Spanish/Spanish Dictionaries
· Diccionario de la Real Academia Española
· diccionarios de la lengua española, panhispánico de dudas, de mexicanismos
· Spanish Reference Center
El camino de la lengua: history of the Castilian language
· Jergas de habla hispana
· Regionalismos de la lengua
· Slang/Regional dictionaries
· Diccionario de mexicanismos
· BBC Talk Spanish
· BBC Spanish
· Más arriba interactive workbook
· No comprendo: Online Spanish course
· QUIA shared activities
· Hello-world (vocabulary, dialogues, etc.)
Learning chocolate: images, sounds, and words
Online games and other sites
· Leamos en familia
· Ejercicios de español para extranjeros: grammar, vidoes, etc
· Tutorial (
· Tutorial (
· Tutorial (
· Miscellaneous topics (
· Spanish interactive flashcards
· Language guide
· Bilingual quizzes
· Spanish Learning
· Spanish flashcards
· English-Spanish Vocabulary quizzes
· Learn Spanish with Audio (vocabulary and printable study sheets)
· FORMESPA: Actividades para el aula de español como lengua extranjera
· Así interactive exercises for intermediate and advanced students
TODOELE.NET: " es un sitio creado por y para profesores de español como lengua extranjera. En él pretendemos recoger todo lo que pueda ser útil para el profesor de español."
PROFELAND: "Con este blog esperamos poder ayudar a los profesores en general, y a los de Español Lengua Extranjera en particular."
CINE CON CLASE: Spanish-language film clips for classroom use

· Topics

· el alfabeto
· números
· Personal description (physical and personality)
· Cuppett’s description sheets (Excel)
· appearance
· Phrase guides and language aids: downloadable phrase books. audio files
Español-Ingles site: many resources including dictionary and worksheets, tutorials, etc. culture, vocabulary, games and more links to many Spanish resources and aligned to Wisconsin Standards
Spark Enthusiasm: PowerPoints, technology videos, cultural, music, standardized test prep
Spanish Playground: printable resources for teaching Spanish to children
AP Spanish Language and Culture
Veinte mundos - magazine with audio
Culture in the Ancient Americas
· globalEDGE: your source for business knowledge; Univ. of Michigan
· List of foreign-affiliated businesses in South Carolina 2009
· online business Spanish lessons with audio cues; links to other resources
· information in Spanish on how to write a resume and cover letter with examples
· Cultural Interviews with Spanish-speaking business people: business, language, social situations, etc
· Executive Planet: Guides for doing business in various countries
Monetary Mania: a quiz about money created by the International Monetary Fund
Network of Business Language Educators (NOBLE): " This site compiles resources, news, and events to help educators prepare students with language and culture skills for the 21st century workplace."
· Vocational Languages Resource Bank
· Language Line Service: provides over the phone translation; featured in The Language Educator
· Workplace Spanish: publishes job-specific Spanish and English learning tools
· Command Spanish: provides occupational Spanish training
· Support for Elementary Educators through Distance Education in Spanish
· Global LT language training online
· Habla Language Services
· South Carolina Hispanic Leadership Council
· Latino Social WorkersOrganization
· National Association of Hispanic and Puerto Rican Social Workers
· National Hispanic Business Association
· Hispanic Business Women’s Alliance
· National Education Association
· National Latino Education Network
· Federal Hispanic Law Enforcement Officers’ Association
· National Latino Peace Officers’ Association
· Hispanic American Police Command Officers’ Association
· Hispanic National Law Enforcement Association
· Social Work Spanish-English Glossary
· Speedy Language Phrasebooks
FEMA: preparing for a natural disaster in Spanish
· Medical, Nursing, Physical Therapists, Police, Corrections
· Spanish for Construction
· Specialized Spanish Training
· SpanishOnPatrol: “an online interactive Spanish training program for law enforcement, corrections, EMS, firefighters, and park rangers”
· Public Safety Language Training
· MedLine Plus
· Flashcard exchange
· Polyglot
· Google translate
· The Center for Linguistic and Cultural competence in Health Care
· El Consultorio
· New York Online Access to Health (NOAH)
· AIDSinfo from National Institute of Health
· The AIDS InfoNet
· Center for Disease Control
· National Cancer Institute
· ¿No Comprende? Spanish Health Information Resources for English-Speaking Librarians
·    Spanish/English activity sheets, bookmarks, comics and stickers that encourage kids to stay healthy and keep moving
ToxTown: "an interactive guide to environmental health and toxic substancesthat we may encounter in everyday life."
The Virtual Body/El Cuerpo Virtual: tour various areas of the human body
· Ways to organize your notes
· How to learn a foreign language
· How to learn vocabulary
· second language study skills
· Grammar Tutorial  (
· Grammar Tutorial (
· Grammar Tutorial  (Bulger-Barnett)
· Más arriba interactive workbook
· Spanish Language drills
· QUIA shared activities
· Sr. Jordan’s video blog
· Grammar Tutorial (
· Grammar Tutorial (Arana)
· Grammar Tutorial (
· Grammar Tutorial (Nelson)
· Grammar Tutorial (Jehle)
· Grammar Tutorial  (Stroud)
Grammar Tutorial UT Austin
· Grammar Tutorial (Soto Arriví)
· Grammar Tutorial (Yepes)
· Grammar Tutorial (Sweet Briar)
· Grammar Tutorial (
· Language guide
· BBC Spanish
· Spanish Learning
· Spanish Kit
· Advanced Grammar
· Strategies for Learning Spanish Grammar
Spark Enthusiasm: PowerPoints, technology videos, cultural, music, standardized test prep
· Conjugation Trainer     (practice exercises)
· Verb Tutorial (explanations and practice exercises)
· Verb Tutorial (practice exercises)
· Compjugador   (verb conjugator)
· SPANISH WRITING CENTER HANDOUTS (University of Minnesota)  
· TECLA: a monthly magazine written for Spanish-language learners
· podcasts in Spanish
Codys Cuentos: "Cody, a mischievous, lovable puppy, serves as the mascot to this free, weekly Spanish language podcast. Each week, Cody and one of his human pals from Spain, Mexico or Argentina presents a well-told tale in Spanish from a professional storyteller who is a native Spanish speaker. Spanish-speaking and bilingual families everywhere can now introduce to their children classic fairytales of the Brothers Grimm , Hans Christian Andersen, Charles Perrault, among others."
Cuentos infantiles (with sound files): children's stories in Spanish with sound files
· #Spanish-language on-line radio (list by country)
· El mensual (BBC audio magazine)
· Student favorites
· Stereo 107.3 FM   Rock / POP
· SuperQ  90.5 FM Reggaeton, Meregue Calypso
· La Mega 98.3 FM Salsa, Meregue
· Pew Hispanic: Latinos in SC
· SC Hispanic Latino Health Coalition
· SC Hispanic Leadership Council
· Smithsonian Latino Center
Reasons for language study/career information
· Languages Smarten Up Your Brain
Countries and culture
· Spanish Proficiency Exercises UT Austin
Oral Language archive
· Culturally authentic pictorial lexicon
· Culture Club (NCLRC site)
· Learning pragmatics of speech acts
· Spanish MOSAIC: thematic units from Center for Applied Second Language Studies
· Spanish video clips
· Lyrics training: listen to music videos and fill in the blanks
Yabla Spanish: video library from authentic sources (subscription-based)
LoMasTV:videos (subscription-based)
Zambombazo: "Una variada oferta de actividades divertidas basadas en productos culturales auténticos (videoclips, canciones, tiras, noticieros, etc.) en las que se pretende aprender por descubrimiento sobre el idioma español y las culturas del mundo hispanohablante."
Spanish Reader: monthly articles from the Spanish Institute of Puebla
Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC): "LANIC's mission is to facilitate access to Internet-based information to, from, or on Latin America. Our target audience includes people living in Latin America, as well as those around the world who have an interest in this region. While many of our resources are designed to facilitate research and academic endeavors, our site has also become an important gateway to Latin America for primary and secondary school teachers and students, private and public sector professionals, and just about anyone looking for information about this important region."
BBC Mundo
Bicentenario de México
Bicententario de Venezuela
Onda Latina: The Mexican American Experience
Children's Songs from Spanish-speaking countries
Spark Enthusiasm: PowerPoints, technology videos, cultural, music, standardized test prep
Ads Of the World
International Children's Digital Library
Lambiek Comiclopedia
Culture Connection
The Realia Project
The Cervantes Virtual Center
Spanish in with authentic language videos
· Spain
· #Can you name the autonomous communities?
· Can you name the most populous cities?
· Videos and activities for Spanish teachers
Spanish Civilization
· DAY of DEAD sites
·  Professional journals information
· Hispanic journals blogspot
Testing and assessment
· #Foreign Language Assessment Directory
· The Global Language Network: organization offering free immersion classes in Washington, DC in several languages
· Free materials for teachers
Games for Elementary School Children
· Rosetta Stone: immersion
· Fluenz: offers assistance in native language
· Mango Languages
Science is fun in Spanish
Ecology Lessons in Spanish
· Periodic table in Spanish and other languages


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