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Not sure which major you should pursue?

Keep in mind, the subjects you study in college don’t have to match up exactly with your future career. There’s plenty of room to explore the academic programs and specializations offered at Coker.

You can gain insight into career path options, employment information, and average salaries for various paths by doing some research. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupations Outlook Handbook is one fantastic resource.

Career Assessments & Self-Exploration

Research shows that people who are happiest in their jobs are those who have chosen a career path and work environment in alignment with their morals, values, interests, and aspirations. With that in mind, it is essential that you get to know yourself before making a long-term decision about your course of study.

Coker students have free access to MyPlan, which offers unlimited access to the four assessments described below. Please contact the Office of Career Development to obtain your access code and account set-up instructions.

MyPlan Includes: 

  • Career Personality Test
    Similar to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), this test matches your personality to one of 16 personality types.

  • Career Interest Inventory
    This test helps you to visualize your interests and understand how they relate to various careers and industries.

  • Career Skills Profiler
    This test helps you to translate your personal profile (strengths, weaknesses, and interests) into career path recommendations.

  • Career Values Assessment
    This test offers insights into your underlying work needs, motivations, and values, so you can decide what will be most important to you in a job or career field.

  • Major Exploration
    In the “majors” tab, you will find excellent information about various areas of study, and how they translate into career paths. See job descriptions, educational/experience requirements, salary information, and more.

  • Career Exploration
    In the “careers” tab, you’ll have access to the Career Database, a career video library, online job board resources, and salary calculators.