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Thinking about graduate or professional school?

The Office of Career Development has a number of tools and tips to guide you through the grad school decision and application processes. Contact us to get started, or check out the suggested preparation timeline and resources below. 

Junior Year - Spring Semester

​Begin researching graduate programs in the spring semester of your junior year. is a great place to start! 

This is also an ideal time to speak with faculty and staff on campus. They can help answer your questions about obtaining a graduate degree, and offer advice about specific programs.

Once you find programs that interest you, be sure to look at their application process and deadlines. Make note of which standardized tests are required (GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, etc.), and take a practice test. Utilize free study resources available at the Coker library and the Office of Career Development.

Junior Year - Summer

Schedule and take your graduate school admissions test(s), if necessary. Allow extra time before your deadlines, so you'll have the option to study more and retake the exam if you don't like your first score. 

Look into your options for financial aid.

Visit schools and speak with admissions personnel, faculty, or current graduate students. 

Start writing your personal statement and/or statement of purpose. Beginning this process early will help you avoid juggling grad school application materials and your regular coursework during the academic year. You'll also have plenty of time to seek feedback and make necessary edits. ​

Senior Year - Fall Semester

Request your letters of recommendation.​ Allow at least one month for faculty members to write these letters. Be sure to provide supplemental materials (resume, personal statement, etc.) that they can use as a reference.

Review your personal statement.

Submit your completed grad school application(s) and accompanying materials, including:

  • Financial Aid Applications
  • Admissions Test Reports
  • Transcripts (Official transcripts must be sent via the Office of Academic Records)
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Personal Statement / Statement of Purpose
  • Portfolios, Resume, Auditions, etc.

Senior Year - Spring Semester

Now is the time to choose your program! 

Once you've made your final selection, be sure to share your decision and notify other schools of your choice. 

Graduate School Resources