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Career Developmant Presentation Topics

The Office of Career Development is happy to speak to your class, organization, or resident hall on a variety of career-related topics. Please fill out the short Google Form to request a classroom presentation:

Career Development Presentation Request.

  • Career Development Office Overview (10-15 Minutes)

This presentation is a brief introduction to the basic services of Career Development including resume and cover letter writing, major selection, career assessments, interviewing and professional skills, graduate school application assistance, networking, and career/job searches. (Ideal for all students)

  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing (45-50 Minutes)

Initially, employers spend less than 30 second on a resume (in some cases, a resume isn’t even seen by a human eye in the first stages).  Students will learn how to think critically about their past and current experiences and how those relate to what a potential employer is looking for. (Ideal for all students)

  • Interview Preparation (45 Minutes)

One of the most crucial skills that new hires from the millennial generation lack is effective oral and written communication.   Here, we will discuss common interview questions, interview preparation and etiquette, and how to effectively communicate your skills, experiences, and strength in an interview setting.  (Ideal for Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors)

  • Job Search Strategies (30-45 Minutes)

With job postings online, in the newspaper, and some that aren’t even publically posted, it is hard to know where to begin.  We’ll take a look at CokerLink, our online job posting site, along with other online resources and starting points to see what jobs are out there. (Ideal for Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors)

  • Career Fair/Career Recruiter Preparation (15-30 Minutes)

We will discuss the importance of taking advantage of the SCICU Columbia Career Fair and on-campus recruiter meetings and seminars.  This session will focus on employer/company research, appropriate attire, communication and follow-through, and creating a positive first impression. (Ideal for Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors)

  • Networking (15-30 Minutes)

Networking and connections are great ways to move your resume to the top of the pile, explore career paths that you haven’t thought of, and even learn about job openings before they are posted.  Learn about the importance of faculty/staff connections, recruiter meetings, shadowing and externship opportunities, internships, and LinkedIn.  (Ideal for all students)


  • Enhancing Your Professional Image (30 Minutes)


Learn how to transition your casual collegiate image to one that will stand out in job interviews and in the work place. This session will focus on professional dress, communication skills, appropriate technology use, presentation skills, prioritization and punctuality.  (Ideal for all students)

  • Succeeding in Your First Job (30 – 45 Minutes)

We will look at common mistake that new hires make and highlight some key strategies to help you stay ahead of the curve.  Topics include: personal/professional development, manager interaction, peer and direct report relationships, and setting goals. (Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors)

  • Selecting and Applying for Graduate Programs (30-50 Minutes)

Is Graduate School the right fit for you?  This presentation will help students take a broad look at Graduate School requirements, the application process, interviews, and time-lines along with evaluating how this degree can fit into their future career plans. (Juniors, Seniors)

  • Evaluating Job Offers and Salary Negotiation (20-30 Minutes)

You’ve mastered the interview and the job offer is in-hand.  Unfortunately, the salary isn’t exactly what you had hoped.  How do you prioritize what is most important to you while tactfully communicating your perceived self-worth and qualifications. (Juniors, Seniors)

  • Career Assessment and Getting to Know Yourself (45 Minutes)

Students in these sessions will have the opportunity to take the MyPlan Personality Indicator (similar to the Myers-Briggs TI) to see what type of career or vocational choice is most in line with their personality type.  Students will also have the chance to look at a Career Interest Inventory Assessment, a Career Skills Profiler, and a Career Values Assessment (all free for students). (Freshmen, Sophomores)

***Computers will be required to take the assessment***

  • What Can I Do With That Major? (20 Minutes)

We will take a look at all of the majors and concentrations offered at Coker and discuss various career paths, share alumni stories, and offer suggestions on extracurricular activities so that you can get the most out of your major along with debunking myths about certain majors and careers. (Freshmen)

  • Customized Presentation

Although all of the sessions can be customized to some degree, this gives the requester the opportunity to share specific needs or interests of their students.  This can include combination presentations of resume building, interviewing, professionalism, etc. and it can also tie in needs of specific majors.