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At Coker, it is our belief that students should be active participants in their own education. We also believe that there should be opportunities to enhance your education through learning that takes place beyond the pillars of the College. To make certain these opportunities exist, we offer study abroad and study away programs within the United States that guarantee an experience that will broaden your view of the world whether it takes place on another continent or right here on our own soil. Study abroad and Study Away immerse students in different cultural settings that provide contrast to their usual backgrounds. Study Abroad/Away helps students build confidence, interact with other people and adapt to a different environment. There are many options available to accommodate the interests, academic goals, budgets and availability of all of our students.

Coker offers our own short-term programs that will usually be one to two weeks, although some U.S. programs may be shorter. The travel/study programs are available in the fall and spring semester over both breaks, January Term, Interim and Summer Session. Other short-term faculty or staff led travel may be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Note: Please see below for additional requirements for Coker Study Abroad Programs and Non-Coker Study Abroad including insurance, a study abroad health survey and Office of Academic Records (OAR) instructions to transfer course credit. For more information, please contact Darlene Small, Assistant Dean and Director of Trans4mations, or  843.383.8039.


Students who are interested in study abroad or study away should research their options. They must also complete a Coker application (see below) to participate in whatever program they have chosen.  The next steps you need to take may be determined by whether you are taking a Coker course or a non-Coker course where you will need to transfer credit back to the College.

There is some paperwork that must be completed no matter the program choice since it will be a part of the Study Abroad or Study Away (U.S. travel) process regardless of the program sponsor (Coker or non-Coker). 

Your journey begins with having an idea of the course of study and location you would like to pursue.