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At Coker, it is our belief that students should be active participants in their own education. Therefore, the College offers travel programs that include both study abroad and study away (within the United States) opportunities that foster their intellectual curiosity by enhancing classroom learning through providing real world experiences that will immerse them in a culture and/or environment that is different from their own and expands their global knowledge as we prepare them to become citizens of the world.  


The faculty and/or staff led study abroad programs are an important facet of a Coker College education. Each year, faculty and staff are asked to share their visions of a study abroad experience that will take students beyond the gates of the college and the boundaries of the United States to explore the interdependence and interconnectedness of the world we all share. Through a study abroad proposal, faculty and staff can submit their ideas for a trans4mational experience abroad.  Study Abroad proposals are reviewed and approved by the Provost and the Assistant Dean/Director of Trans4mations who oversees the Study Abroad Program.  A quick reference policy guide and  trip leader handbook has been created as a reference for study abroad programs.


The call goes out for proposals in the spring of the year preceding the study abroad travel periods for the following academic year. For those of you who are thinking ahead, we gladly accept proposals for future travel programs that are still in the early thought process but well in the realm of possibility.  Of course, no proposal can be submitted without much thought to the itinerary and budget for your excursion.  A tip sheet and budget worksheet have been included to help you with this process. Please click on the links below to access these planning resources.

Now that you have discussed your study abroad program ideas and worked through the travel itinerary and budget it is time to officially submit your trip proposal for review.   Please click on the  link below for the Trip Proposal Form and remember to include a detailed itinerary and trip budget for review with your submission.


Study Abroad courses for academic credit must include a syllabus. If a catalog course is being offered abroad, the revised syllabus must demonstrate how that location is essential to the course objectives.

Special Topics Courses:

Non-catalog courses that are being offered abroad must be submitted on a Study Away Special Topics Form with your course syllabus for review.  This form is from the Office of Academic Records.  Please log into your Webadvisor account for access or see the OAR Google Site for more information.


Non-credit travel courses may also be proposed.  These study/travel courses are offered for Trans4mations credit only. The course description must demonstrate how students are learning about, “the other,” which includes culture, history, environment, people, places, things, etc. that are different from the cultural commonalities associated with life in the U.S.