Campus Emergency?

In case of a campus emergency, serious injury, death or other similar problems, you are asked to follow these procedures.

Serious Illness or Injury

  1. Dial Campus Safety (843.383.8140) and give specific details. If the emergency appears life-threatening also call Darlington County Emergency Medical Services (911 or 843.398.4441) and request an ambulance.
  2. Remain at the scene to provide assistance.

Fire or Explosion

  1. Activate nearest fire alarm.
  2. Dial 8140 and give specific details.
  3. If appropriate, use nearest fire extinguisher.
  4. Use others, if possible, to assist in clearing the building.
  5. Remain at the scene (at a safe distance) to provide assistance.

Prowlers, Burglars, or Theft in Progress

  1. Dial 8140 and give specific details.
  2. Remain at the scene to direct assistance.

Vehicular Accident, Disturbance, or Other

  1. Dial 8140 and give specific details.
  2. Remain at the scene to direct assistance.

Important in Any Emergency

  1. Stay in the vicinity of the emergency.
  2. Use others, if possible, to direct assistance to the scene.
  3. Get pertinent information, including names and addresses of witnesses.
  4. Report to the College Administrative Staff members when they arrive.

General Information

  1. Campus Safety will notify the College Administrative Staff members.
  2. The Cobra Den (downstairs between Coker and Belk Residence Halls) will be the evacuation headquarters, if necessary. Anyone who is displaced by an emergency should go the Student Center for temporary accommodations. Updates will be posted near the Campus Life Offices to keep individuals informed.
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