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Coker College Enactus

Together we pledge to take action. Together we commit to apply our passions and talents and ideas to impact as many lives as we can. Not to hand out help to people in need, but to work side-by-side with them to create opportunity. So every person and community we touch is empowered to live up to their fullest potential.

Guided by academic advisors and business experts, the student leaders of Enactus create and implement community empowerment projects around the globe. The experience not only transforms lives, it helps students develop the kind of talent and perspective that are essential to leadership in an ever-more complicated and challenging world.

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Coker Enactus is a community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better more sustainable world.


  • entrepreneurial – having the perspective to see an opportunity and the talent to create value from that opportunity;
  • action – the willingness to do something and the commitment to see it through even when the outcome is not guaranteed;
  • us – a group of people who see themselves connected in some important way; individuals that are part of a greater whole.

Current Projects

SAT Prep: 2011-Present

SAT Prep offers students in regional high schools a cost effective and convenient way to prepare for the most common standardized college entrance exam. This project was developed out of the partnership between Coker Enactus, Coker faculty, and St. Bartholomews Episcopal Church. Over 300 students have been administered practice tests, taught how to correctly answer SAT type questions, and been provided useful test taking tips under the instruction of Coker Enactus students and Coker College Faculty. This program was recently expanded to a six week training program at the Hartsville Boys and Girls Club, and has now shifted to also focus on the ACT.

Rent-a-Fridge: Fall 2013 - Current

Rent-a-fridge is an innovative and creative for-profit venture that is designed to fulfill a need of Coker College residential students (nearly 80% of our population), by giving them the option to rent a mini-fridge for the academic school year for their room. This program recycles used mini-fridges and rents them to students, which helps students save money on appliance purchases and summer storage fees. To date, this program has already served over 25 students and faculty members on Coker’s campus and at the South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics. This past summer we also branched off into a rent-a-tub project. This project gave students the opportunity to store items they do not need over summer on campus. These projects are examples of how caring for your customers can go a long way!

Finance 199: Fall 2010 - Current

Finance 199 is an interactive and informative program designed to teach incoming college students personal financial principles. Each year we present an instructional program to the freshman class. We believe if we teach the proper finances to the younger students, it will help prevent financial and debt issues in the future. Working with our Coker College faculty, the students were taught about credit scores, paying off student loan debts, budgeting, managing credit cards, building credit, and saving for the future. To date, Finance 199 has taught over 800 college students the necessary financial literacy skills to be successful during and after college.

Coker Recycling: Fall 2012 - Current

Partnering previously with Aramark and presently with Sodexo and with Sonoco Recycling, Enactus developed and implemented a sustainable waste solution across Coker College’s campus. This was accomplished by strategically placing large recycling bins around campus, educating students, and distributing smaller bins in individual dorm rooms. This project’s success attracted the attention of South Carolina’s Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics, which joined the initiative and recycled an amazing 4,300 pounds of waste in their first 5 months of operation. To date Enactus’ recycling initiative has recycled a total of 47,000 pounds of waste, in addition to generating additional revenue for Sonoco.

Past Accomplishments

  • 2014 - Cincinnati, Ohio - Enactus USA National Exposition Opening Round Finalist
  • 2013 - Atlanta, Georgia - Enactus USA Regional Champion
  • 2013 - Kansas City, Missouri - placed TOP 40 as the Enactus USA National Exposition
  • 2012 - New York - SIFE USA Regional Competition Champion
  • 2012 - Kansas City, Missouri - placed TOP 40 at the SIFE USA National Exposition
  • 2011 - New York - SIFE USA Regional Competition Champion and Rookie of the year
  • 2011 - Minneapolis - placed TOP 60 SIFE USA National Exposition & Rookie of the year

Past Projects and Impacts

  • Duck Cup Race - The efforts of Enactus have generated nearly $10,000 for Kalmia Gardens in the first three years of the event.
  • Oyster Roast - with Enactus’ participation, there was a 50% increase in ticket sales.
  • Scavenger Hunt - Over 100 young students attended and learned about environmental sustainability and how their actions affect the environment.

Let’s Can Hunger: 2013

Sponsored by Campbell Soup Company, Coker Enactus joined the Let’s CAN Hunger competition in an effort to alleviate the long-term food insecurities in America. Through the execution of such events as the Amazing Food Race and promoting various drop-off sites throughout the community, Coker Enactus raised more than 4.3 million pounds of food.

Kalmia Gardens: 2010-2013

In an effort to raise funds for and empower our local 35-acre botanical garden and historic site, Enactus organized several projects to attract more foot traffic to the grounds and generate revenue. These initiatives have now become self sustained:

Habitat for Humanity: 2011-2013

With a focus on the financial development of Hartsville’s Habitat for Humanity Restore, Coker Enactus provided the funding through a Lowe’s Community Improvement Grant and the labor required to build eight clothing donation bins, which were strategically placed in locations to increase the Restore’s supply of gently used clothing. In just two year, these bins have increased revenue of clothing sales to $96,000 dollars annually. As a result of Coker Enactus’s efforts, Habitat for Humanity has been able to build additional quality homes for low income, underprivileged families throughout Darlington County.

Teaching Professionalism: 2010-2012

To further prepare students for life after graduation, Enactus organized and developed a series of seminars to teach skills and strategies for gaining and retaining employment. With the help of Sonoco, SIFE recruited speakers from local businesses to discuss professionalism in the workforce. Additionally, this program focused on Resume Writing 101, Job Interview Preparation, and a Etiquette Dining.

Muhuru Bay, Kenya: 2012

Through a partnership with Sife Maseno, local Dickens Ochiel, and Coker Professor Richard Puffer, Coker Enactus travelled to Muhuru Bay, Kenya to build a Library Resource Center for this underprivileged community. Coker Enactus worked hand-in-hand with community members to renovate a local building and supply it with books donated by the Hartsville Community and five computers donated by Professor Puffer. This project fulfilled the educational needs in this area and provided an otherwise isolated community with advancement and development opportunities.

Freedom Schools - Summer 2012

While educating children in kindergarten through the eighth grade with reading component skills, the Freedom Schools aided 53 students not only by improving their reading test scores, but also their attitudes toward higher learning. As a result, our program saw the eighth largest increase in reading scores among thirty-seven test sites.

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