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The study of English language and literature encompasses all facets of humanity.

You’ll study writing and literary theory, of course, but you’ll also study history, art, social customs, religion, culture, and more.

At Coker, our discussion-based round-table learning philosophy challenges you to explore, communicate, and defend your ideas, training you to think critically and ask purposeful questions. You don’t just absorb information; you interact with the coursework in a way that teaches you a deeper way of thinking. Combined with individual guidance and one-on-one attention from professors, it’s the type of transformative experience you’ll find more often at the graduate level. By the end of your four years, you will have gained strong communication skills, a broad knowledge base of literature and culture—and a deep understanding of what it means to be human.


As an English major, you will analyze texts ranging from medieval literature to modern poetry. You will examine language through composition and rhetoric and explore writing styles such as playwriting, creative writing, and writing for the media. In every class, in-depth discussions and personal attention from professors ensure that you’ll gain strong communication skills, both in speaking and in writing.

Outside of the classroom, English students can join Coker’s chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society, or help edit and publish Excursions, the Coker College literary magazine. Overall, the English program is designed to train you to think deeply and write persuasively, with integrity, about a wide range of authors, texts and ideas.


Professional writing

Students who plan on pursuing a career in professional writing should consider choosing this concentration. The curriculum is tailored to prepare you specifically for writing jobs in fields such as journalism, marketing, and publishing.

Download the Academic Catalog

For a more detailed explanation of requirements, including course descriptions, download the Academic Catalog.

As an English major, you will develop the oral and written communication skills employers repeatedly rank as the most important qualities they look for in future employees. Your degree will open the door to a rewarding career in a wide variety of fields—from publishing to law to business.

But one of the most important benefits of an English degree from Coker is confidence in yourself and your ideas. Graduates pursue advanced degrees in English or related areas and land jobs in professions that require skilled writers. They pursue careers that demand employees who can write effectively, speak articulately, analyze critically and think creatively. They enter the real world with the skills and confidence to succeed.

For more information on potential career paths, click here.

Examples of alternate career paths you can follow with your English degree:
  • Editing or Publishing
  • Law
  • Education
  • Research
  • Copy Writing or Technical Writing
  • Public Relations
  • Library Science
  • Career Counseling
  • Management/Human Resources
  • Mass Media
  • Corporate Recruiter
  • High School English Teacher
  • Technical Writer
  • Fund Development Coordinator
  • Library Science
  • Published Author
  • Public Information Officer
  • Paralegal
  • Property Management
  • Federal Government
  • Small Business Owner
  • Administrative Asst.
  • Advertising Account Executive
  • Campaign Mngr.
  • Claims Examiner
  • Communications Specialist
  • Community Relations Specialist
  • Copy Writer
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Critic
  • Customer Service Rep.
  • Editor/Writer
  • Editorial Asst.
  • Education Director
  • Fact Checker
  • Fundraiser
  • Historical Society Specialist
  • Journalist
  • Legislative Asst.
  • Librarian
  • Lobbyist
  • Management Trainee
  • Marketing/Sales Mngr.
  • Media Analyst
  • Media Buyer
  • Museum Curator
  • Nonprofit Administrator
  • Personnel Trainee
  • Production Asst.
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Publicity Asst.
  • Research Asst.
  • Researcher
  • Sales Representative
  • Special Events Coordinator
  • Teacher
  • Volunteer Coordinator

Graduates of Coker College have gone on to pursue a graduate degree at a number of institutions, including but not limited to:

  • Pennsylvania State University
  • University of South Carolina
  • Francis Marion University
  • Clemson University
  • Winthrop University
  • University of North Carolina—Charlotte
  • SUNY Binghamton
  • University of Vermont
  • University of Central Florida
  • University of Dayton
  • University of Iowa

English professors at Coker are experts in their fields, and they are engaged and invested in your success from day one. There’s no falling through the cracks here—whether you need a little extra help in class, advice on where to pursue an internship, or a stellar recommendation for grad school, you’ll find support and guidance all four years.


Rev. John Foster III
Associate Professor of Religion; Director for Diversity, Interfaith, and Inclusion Education
Professor of English; Chair of the Department of Communication, Language, Literature, and Religion
Julia F. Klimek, Ph.D.
Professor of English; Coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Studies Program
Professor of English
Professor of English
Assistant Professor of English; Coordinator of the English Program
Professor of English; Coordinator of First-Year Writing, Coordinator of the English Education Concentration