Year 2: Service & Cultural Engagement

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At Coker, we believe that a true liberal arts education can’t be learned just from a textbook. It has to be experienced. So in year two, you’ll take your education out of the classroom with participation in community service and cultural events.

With opportunities for service learning, volunteer work, and engaging cultural events all around you, the hardest part is choosing which to do. We suggest you try out several options. A dance concert, a service trip, an art show, an academic lecture—who knows? You might be surprised by what moves you.



Community Service

There’s no better way to gain personal growth, learn about the importance of community, and understand the impact one person can have on the world. Through a variety of approved service opportunities with a wide range of organizations, students will have a chance to apply what they’re learning in the classroom to a real-world scenario. At the same time, they’ll have an opportunity to further develop and act upon a sense of responsibility to the broader human community.
For more information on Community Service options at Coker, please visit the Center for Engaged Learning.

Cultural Events

Attendance at cultural events provides students with the opportunity to experience another dimension of the academic world to foster a life-enriching pattern of cultural involvement. “Cultural events” are defined as performance events or lecture/academic events, and students may pick and choose from a variety of approved events.

Acquiring Trans4mations credit

Students will accrue 18 units of community service and/or cultural event credit during their time at Coker. Students may accumulate all of the units in a single area or may divide the total number between the two. The number of units awarded for a specific community service or cultural event opportunity is determined by the Trans4mations staff.
While cultural event and community service participation is listed as a component of the sophomore year experience, students may wish to earn credits during all of the years they are enrolled at Coker. Additional information is available from academic advisors and/or the Faculty or Staff Director of the Trans4mations Program.