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Taking Learning Beyond the Classroom: iPads For Incoming First-Year Students

The transition from high school to college is both exciting and overwhelming. Coker College makes it as smooth as possible with several initiatives. One of our most popular is AccessCoker: a 1-1 Apple iPad® program for incoming first-year students. All new students who enroll receive a brand new iPad and Apple Pencil®, with easily accessible programs to help you be successful on campus. When students complete their program of study and graduate from Coker College, the iPad is theirs to keep.

So why does this matter? What significance does an iPad have when it comes to college success?

Here are the top five ways Coker students benefit from having their own iPad. 


Getting Organized

Gone are the days of lugging around planners, notebooks, and paper binders. Students can use their iPads to take neat notes during every class and store them by subject and date. What’s more, there are countless calendar apps to set reminders for important deadlines and test dates. Automatic backup to the cloud means students who use the iPad don’t have to worry about losing valuable documents and can access their files from any device or location. 


Learning with Innovation

From reading e-books to creating presentations, iPads are important tools for 21st century learning. Regardless of a student’s field of study, there are multiple ways in which a mobile device facilitates a hands-on approach to education. Students can watch or create videos, generate drawings, produce spreadsheets, and write papers — anytime, anywhere. The ability to stay current with emails and calendars improves academic outcomes.  


Staying Active

It is extremely valuable for college students to participate in athletics, student organizations, and campus recreation activities, but devoting time to these endeavors can be challenging with a full load of classes. iPads help ease that burden for busy students. The lightweight design and 10-hour battery life allows plenty of work to get accomplished on the go.  


Preparing for 21st Century Careers

Collaboration today looks different than it did a decade ago. Many companies have remote teams and rely on mobile devices to remain connected. Businesses and organizations demand tech-savvy graduates who know how to use technology to its full potential, enhancing productivity in a powerful way.  


Fostering Connections

Healthy social engagement is important for college-age students. Online communities can be valuable for exchanging ideas, searching for new opportunities, and networking. iPad technology allows students grow their networks while remaining connected with family and friends. FaceTime, iMessage, and other capabilities ease the transition for students away from home for the first time.  


Learn More and Apply

We invite you to take the next step in your college search by downloading the Coker College viewbook. After learning more about the opportunities available, you can submit your application online.


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