Master of Education in Literacy Studies

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Are you passionate about literacy?

Coker College now offers a Master of Education in Literacy Studies. Graduates will qualify for the South Carolina Department of Education’s Literacy Teacher add-on certification.

Why Coker College?

  • Convenient 12-month schedule: Earn your master’s in just seven six-week terms—one summer term, followed by three terms in the fall and three in the spring.
  • Hybrid structure: With a balance of in-class time and online coursework, our program is specifically designed around a working teacher’s busy schedule.
  • Competitive price: Coker College makes earning your degree affordable.
  • Groundbreaking curriculum: Many stakeholders in South Carolina have recognized literacy as an urgent state priority. Our unique program, centered on literacy, will allow you to complete the Literacy Teacher add-on certification in 12 months followed by the Literacy Coach add-on certification with only six additional credit hours.
  • The Coker experience: Online or in the classroom, our distinctive round table, discussion-based learning philosophy guarantees a quality education within a close-knit community of professors and classmates.

Becoming a certified Literacy Teacher is more than a step forward for your career. Our visionary program was specifically designed to align with state initiatives and prepare you for the future of education.

But more importantly, it will prepare you to improve your students’ futures. Literacy skills build the foundation of a child’s ability to learn—in all disciplines. As a certified Literacy Teacher, you will address our state’s educational goals by directly serving your students’ needs.

If you believe in the importance of literacy, contact us today to learn more.