Master of Science in Management & Leadership

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Every industry has one thing in common: a need for strong leaders.

Coker College invites current and future leaders to enroll in this online graduate program focusing on 21st century management and leadership. Deepen your knowledge and expand your skills to become the competent and authentic influencer that today’s thriving companies desire.

Students explore topics such as motivating others, mobilizing teams, and leading individuals toward a shared goal. Every course in this 30-hour program is taught from a real-world perspective, preparing leaders who can address today’s unique challenges.

Core content areas include:

  • Positive leadership
  • Decision making
  • Strategic planning
  • Building and sustaining teams
  • Developing and retaining human capital
  • Anticipating and executing organizational change

Noteworthy classes:

Leadership & Team Management: Learn how to best manage human capital through positive influence and proven strategies.

Finance & Business Analytics: Solve real problems using regression analysis and explore techniques for quantitative analysis of data.

Marketing Management: Address common marketing problems and understand communication strategies that yield results.

Creating an Ethical Organization: Zero in on the ethical aspects of decision making in a corporate context.

Business Strategy & Decision Making: Understand how to develop and implement long-term strategies while avoiding common blunders.

Why choose Coker College for your master’s degree?

  • 100% online program — further your education without pausing your career.
  • Flexible format — complete your coursework on your schedule.
  • Passionate professors — learn from a close-knit community of seasoned instructors.
  • Collaborative nature — group projects provide hands-on leadership experience.
  • A comprehensive approach — earn valuable credentials across functional areas.
  • Competitive cost — because quality education should be affordable and accessible.

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