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The operation and parking of a motor vehicle on campus is a privilege granted by the college. Administrators of the vehicle regulations policy intend to communicate and apply the regulations consistently and fairly, and meet the parking needs of faculty, staff, students and visitors of the College.

The administration of all rules and regulations governing the operation of vehicles will be the responsibility of the Director of Campus Safety and those agents approved by the Director of Campus Safety.

All moving and stationary vehicle laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations of the state of South Carolina, the city of Hartsville, and Coker College, together with adopted amendments, will be enforceable twenty-four hours daily. Snow, rain, and other inclement weather conditions will not alter any of the provisions contained in this publication.

All faculty, staff and students operating a vehicle on Coker's campus must register their vehicle and display a valid Coker College parking permit. The owner/permit registrant assumes all responsibility for any damage to his/her vehicle while operated or parked on Coker property.

Lack of familiarity with these regulations does not constitute a defense for failure to comply. It is the responsibility of the owner/permit registrant to assure the safe operation of their registered vehicle(s) in full compliance of these regulations.

Changes to Parking Rules and Regulations for 2013 – 2014

Several changes have occurred and will take place this year with the parking rules and regulations. Below is a brief summary of the most impactful changes to the policies.

  • Parking permit registration is online. You may find the links to the parking registration below. Permits must be picked up in person at the mail center desk.
  • All faculty and staff must register their vehicle and receive a new permit this year, not just new employees
  • ALPHA students with a valid ALPHA parking permit will be permitted to use all Coker parking lots, during class periods.
  • Student parking will not be permitted in Faculty/Staff designated parking lots at anytime.
    • Exceptions include Grannis, PAC and Student Center. These are reserved for Faculty/Staff Monday through Friday, 7am to 4pm, with the excpetion of Loading/Unloading and Preferred Premium spaces. Students are permitted to use these three parking lots outside of these times.
  • Visitors will be permitted to use all Coker parking lots, with the exceptions of lots #9 – JLC Parking Lot and #10 – RTC Parking Lot. Overnight visitors will be required to obtain a free parking permit. They may obtain a visitor permit, with their Coker host present, at the Mail Center or after hours through Campus Safety
  • Courts Parking Lot (tennis lot) will be open to all faculty, staff, students and visitors at all times
  • Several 30 minute loading/unloading zones will be placed across campus. These are available for use by all faculty, staff and students regardless of lot designation, for the allotted time.

Parking Registration

Visitor Policy

Guests visiting campus may use all Coker parking facilities, with the exceptions of lot #9, JLC and #10, RTC and any specialty reserved space. Overnight visitors must register their vehicle and display a free parking permit. A visitor permit may be obtained from the Mail Center located on the 1st floor of the Student Center, or by contacting Campus Safety after hours, at (843)383-8140 or if no immediate answer at (843)616-2762. A Coker Host must be present to obtain a visitor pass.

Parking Regulations & Parking Map

Coker College Parking and Vehicle Regulations

Parking Map

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Michael Williamson
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Tymon M. Graham
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Assistant Dean/Director, Center for Engaged Learning

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Administrative Assistant for the Center for Engaged Learning


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