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"I am a husband and father of three boys and one girl. I came to Coker to raise my family in a close-knit community. I love the friendly campus, and working with the athletes keeps me young. I lived in the Netherlands and Belgium for two years and have maintained fluency in Dutch. I enjoy commuting to work on my bike."

"I have had the privilege of overseeing the Harris E. and Louise H. DeLoach Center and assisting Coach Dan Schmotzer in coaching and mentoring the men’s basketball team. For three years, I have been challenged to grow, learn, and discover ways to contribute my talent to Coker. So, I guess you can say my Coker story is still being written, and I take pride in being a part of a team that believes in me and wants me to be a part of their unfinished story too."

"I came to Coker in March of 2015 to take the position of Head Women's Volleyball Coach. After being a resident of Tennessee my entire life, I packed up and moved to a town I'd only visited twice; once to interview, the other to find a place to live. I immediately fell in love with Hartsville and the Coker community. I am passionate about mentoring young women (and men) and preparing them for life after college."

"I received both of my degrees from Coker College. The sense of community and family is what brought me to Coker. There are many reasons why I chose to stay at Coker, but sharing my love and passion for dance is one of the main ones! I am proud to be a Coker alum and even prouder to be an employee! Go Cobras!"

"Nothing would have prepared me for my visit to this small southern town. Riding on a 25-passenger plane from Charlotte to Florence was an eye-opening experience, which made me more hesitant to take the drive over to this small town called Hartsville. It wasn't until I stepped on campus and walked through town that I immediately fell in love with Coker and Hartsville. Its uniqueness, diversity and charm are all things my family love about Coker and Hartsville."

"I came to Coker in 1998 after having worked in the corporate and legal world for over 40 years. I continue to be inspired by my coworkers, who are always looking for better ways to serve their customers. Going out of their way to help students and each other is part of the job! I'm proud to be here!"


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