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"I started teaching at Coker College in 1998 after a three-year appointment as a visiting assistant professor at Francis Marion University. I began as the director of the campus writing center (my M.A. is in rhetoric and composition with a specialization in writing centers). I am currently the American literature specialist (my Ph.D. emphasis is in twentieth-century American literature). My academic specializations are American literature, modern fiction, and rhetoric and composition, and my current research interests are Chuck Palahniuk, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and the writing process.

"I wanted to work at a college where teaching and interacting with students were valued, and I wanted to live in the South. I enjoy my colleagues and living in Hartsville. I enjoy getting to know students inside and outside of the classroom. I am happy that alumni keep in touch through social media. I care about helping people achieve their goals, and I love learning more about educational technology and incorporating it into my classes."

"I'm Southern and a do-gooder. I wanted to teach at a small Liberal Arts college in the rural South where I could make a difference. When I found Coker, I found what I was looking for. Study abroad, mentoring students about life and career choices, and teaching Spanish and literature are my passions."

"I came to Coker in 2011 because I wanted to work more closely with students than I had been able to in my previous job. I love the study of literature—both classics and popular titles—and the chance Coker offers to talk with students and professors about their own interests and passions."

"I am passionate about literature, about discovering through literature, as my own college professor Pete Sinclair would say, 'how it is in the world and how to do the good.' Literature provides us with windows into the world, and it expands how we think, experience, and feel. I am passionate about sharing my love for literature and language with students, and I most enjoy working with students who have little experience with or love for reading and writing.


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