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"I came to Coker with the promise to make a difference in my students' lives. As an artist, we train our entire lives hoping to inspire change in people. Coker has allowed me to do just this. With the intimate community at Coker, my husband, Dr. Jerron Jorgensen, and I are given the artistic freedom to practice our art and give students the tools to grow themselves as artists and academics."


"I began playing the piano at the age of eight. I studied in high school at the Coker College Preparatory School and majored in Music Education in college. I absolutely love that I get to play the piano all day every day at Coker College. I accompany voice students, the Men's Ensemble, and ballet classes. I have been a part of the Music Department for twelve years and enjoy helping students reach their full potential."

"I am a D.M.A. Candidate in Piano Pedagogy and Performance at the University of South Carolina. I am excited to share my knowledge and skills with the students at Coker College, and my goal is to help each and every student reach their full potential."

"Collaboration is the highlight of my career at Coker College, whether performing art songs with the voice faculty, preparing the piano students for performances, or problem-solving with my departmental colleagues to make the arts more vibrant in the community. Coker's piano program continues to grow and attract talented young musicians, and the joy of watching students achieve goals they never imagined is thrilling. I love guiding and learning alongside students on their musical journeys."

"I am at Coker College because I get to spend every day collaborating and creating with my colleagues and students. I have the opportunity to teach courses I find interesting and important as well as choreograph dances that examine some aspect of life, whether philosophical or trivial. Through dance education I get to connect with the community via movement and also foster the next generation of dance educators."

"I came to Coker College after dancing professionally in NYC for a few years. I was excited about the opportunity to work with the same students for an extended period of time. What I love about Coker and what makes me stay is seeing the growth in the students over the four years that they are here. The students really find their artistic voices and blossom by the time they graduate. This close mentoring of the students does not often happen on the undergraduate level."

"I came to Coker from the professional dance world in Seattle, WA, where I was the artistic director of my own dance company, a professional dancer, a Pilates instructor and a dance teacher. I came to Coker because I wanted to inspire and ignite passion for dance in a small, liberal arts setting, while sharing my professional experience to help refine dancers' skills and guide each student to find their own creative voice. I love the sense of community here, my colleagues and the creative students."


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