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"I am Sarah Jeffery, a South Carolina native. I have a passion for event planning and am lucky enough to plan events for Admissions at Coker College. I work with the Ambassador program, which consists of 30 student tour guides. They make me excited to wake up every day and come to work."

"I have been with Coker College for 18 years, and my belief is that every person deserves an opportunity to further their education. It is my responsibility as a Student Financial Planning Counselor to do everything that I can to help students accomplish their dreams. I am a firm believer in the saying, 'Where there is a will, there is a way.'"

"I am an example of a typical adult student. I started with Coker as an evening student, but had to withdraw due to starting a family. I began working at Coker in July 2002. I finished my Bachelor of Science in business administration with a concentration in management in 2006. I came to Coker in 2002 after working at a technical college for 16 years. Dr. Steve Terry and Betty Williams called me to come and meet with them, and from that point on I became a member of the Coker family."

"I earned my B.A. in mathematics from Coker in 1995. I began my career as a financial aid counselor in July 1994. In July 2000, I became the Director of Financial Aid and have continued in that position until the present time. Serving our students and the college in this capacity for the past 21 years has brought me much satisfaction and a great feeling of accomplishment as part of the Coker family."

"I was attracted to Coker because of its holistic, student-centric approach to its teaching both inside and outside the classroom. I get the honor of leading the enrollment efforts at Coker and ensuring that prospective students and parents get to experience all of the amazing opportunities Coker has to offer. Coker College is a community, and it's one that students, faculty, and staff all deeply care about and value."

"When I initially applied to Coker, I thought I would simply be getting a job that would get me away from my previous job. Little did I know l would fall in love with my workplace and my co-workers. Coker has such a special place in my heart. It has become my home away from home, especially living so far away from my entire family. Aside from my personal affinity for the college, the professional level of care for students demonstrated by the staff and faculty members astounds me every day."


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