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"I started at Coker as an adjunct professor when I first moved to Hartsville. After a semester of teaching, I already knew that I wanted to keep working with the students here even if it wasn't in an academic capacity. When a position opened up at the library, I saw that as a way of continuing to assist the students beyond the classroom. Every day I enjoy helping students connect with the resources they need to succeed here at Coker and to see them write their own story."

"During my interview in 2007, I learned that Coker College had a decision to make concerning two large building projects: a new library or a new field house. The decision to build the LITC first—not an easy choice, to be sure—spoke volumes on Coker's commitment to improving academics outside of the classroom. That's why I'm at Coker."

"Eight years after graduating from Coker, I joined the college as the Acquisitions Coordinator and Work Study Supervisor in the library. I am now the Acquisitions and Cataloging Coordinator. I enjoy working with the students and faculty and getting to know them, their interests, and what they want for the library. It is always a good day when boxes of new books arrive!"

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