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"I have always wanted to teach at a small college since my days at Hamilton College. Coker was a perfect fit for me—a school where I could teach, continue doing research and get to know and interact with all of the faculty, staff and students."

"I grew up in New York City, and have been moving to progressively smaller cities ever since. And now here I am in Hartsville! While on the job market, I searched for a school that truly valued teaching and hands-on learning. Coker was a perfect fit, and I started here in the fall of 2014. My favorite things (in no particular order) are: chemistry, coffee, and good conversation."

"I enjoy teaching and discovery in the life sciences, especially through the hands and minds of students. My highly rewarding career at Coker extends from the opportunity to engage students both inside and outside the classroom, sharing my experiences and abilities to foster the next generation of future scientists, teachers, and scholars."

"After spending years doing mathematics and computer science research, I decided I'd like to focus on education. I chose Coker College due to the exceptional faculty, and the way in which Coker can transform students into young adults prepared for the real world. Coker allows me to educate while continuing research in the form of student collaboration."


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