Faculty/Staff Directory

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Coker College's area code is 843 and prefix is 383, unless otherwise noted. (ex. 843-383-xxxx)

First Last Phone Department/Office
Dawn Arrants Dawn Arrants 383-8141 College Nurse
Lisa Atkinson Lisa Atkinson 8050 Admissions
Wesley Atkinson Wesley Atkinson 8050 Admissions
Maria Avanzato Maria Avanzato 8353 Biology
Paula Bailey Paula Bailey 8093 Biology
Jill Banks Jill Banks 8099 Psychology
Alexa Bartel Alexa Bartel 8126 Library
Ben Beetch Ben Beetch 4226 Marketing & Communications
Brandi Blake Brandi Blake 8360 Residence Life
Jim Boden Jim Boden 8153 Art
Jeremy Bommarito Jeremy Bommarito 4214 Athletics - Wrestling
Jennifer Borgo Jennifer Borgo 8396 Biology
Cassie Brock Cassie Brock 857-4213 Adult Degree Program
Gordon Brown Gordon Brown 8089 Chemistry
Mary Buchner Mary Buchner 8073 Athletics
Tracey Burns Tracey Burns 857-4223 Human Resources
Andrea Cabus Andrea Cabus 8110 English
Janie Campbell Janie Campbell 8360 Residence Life
Karen Carpenter Karen Carpenter 8130 Education
Will Carswell Will Carswell 8063 Music
Caroline Carter Caroline Carter 8173 Campus Life
Glenn Chappell Glenn Chappell 8391 Business Administration
Adam Connolly Adam Connolly 8050 Admissions
James Corfield James Corfield 8076 Athletics - Tennis
Todd Couch Todd Couch 857-4157 Criminology
Michelle Coyle Michelle Coyle 8013 Adult Degree Program
Kaye Crook Kaye Crook 8083 Athletics - FAR
Cathy Cuppett Cathy Cuppett 8121 Language & Literature
Paul Dostert Paul Dostert 8048 Mathematics
Brianna Douglas Brianna Douglas 8060 Human Resources
Tina Dupree Tina Dupree 8165 Adult Degree Program
Tarshia Edwards Tarshia Edwards 857-4198 Adult Degree Program
Marsha Eide Marsha Eide 8176 Provost
Phyllis Fields Phyllis Fields 8383 Theater
Julia Fisher Julia Fisher 8042 Psychology
Katie Flaherty Katie Flaherty 8262 Athletics
Joe Flaherty Joe Flaherty 8079 Biology
Shannon Flowers Shannon Flowers 857-4116 Financial Aid
Tony Floyd Tony Floyd 8175 Business Operations
John Foster John Foster 8266 Language & Literature
Ginger Freeman Ginger Freeman 8035 Student Services
Caroline Fulghum Caroline Fulghum 8050 Admissions
Angelo Gallo Angela Gallo 8381 Dance
Peter Gloviczki Peter Gloviczki 8379 Communications
Margaret Godbey Margaret Godbey 8118 English
Adam Goins Adam Goins 857-4202 Athletics - Assistant Golf Coach
Stedman Graham Stedman Graham ---- Distinguished Visiting Professor
Tony Graham Tony Graham 8398 Information Technology
Tymon Graham Tymon Graham 8360 Residence Life
Lynn Griffin Lynn Griffin 8071 Athletics
Cindy Griggs Cindy Griggs 8023 Business Operations
Jean Grosser Jean Grosser 8150 Art
Kristin Hapke Kristin Hapke 8067 Dance
John Hauptfleisch John Hauptfleisch 8090 Chemistry
Susan Henderson Susan Henderson 8264 Education
Jennifer Heusel Jennifer Heusel 8069 Communication, Language and Literature
Ryan Higgins Ryan Higgins 8103 Education
Daniel Hill Daniel Hill 383-8145 Kalmia Gardens
Elizabeth "Scottie" Hill Scottie Hill 8084 Social Work
Serena Hill Serena Hill 8061 Music
Elaine Hodges Elaine Hodges 857-4194 Adult Degree Program
Tamara Hoefer Tamara Hoefer 8131 Education
Darrell Holliday Darrell Holliday 8114 Business Administration
Laura Hoxworth Laura Hoxworth 857-4103 Marketing & Communications
Ann Hudson Ann Hudson 8333 Human Resources
Tammy Huskey Tammy Huskey 8024 Business Office
Mal A. Hyman Mal Hyman 8100 Sociology
Meaghan Isgett Meaghan Isgett 8050 Admissions
John Jewell John Jewell 8166 Physical Education
Jody Johnson Jody Johnson 4200 Post Office
Seth Johnson Seth Johnson 857-4219 Marketing & Communications
Chelsea Kent Chelsea Kent 857-4202 Athletics - Women's Lacrosse
Kevin Kenyon Kevin Kenyon 8123 History
Marcy Kershner Marcy Kershner 8022 Academic Records
Julia Klimek Julia Klimek 8059 Language & Literature
Rhonda Knight Rhonda Knight 8120 Language & Literature
Tracy Laffidy Tracy Laffidy 8002 Academic Records
Shawn Lay Shawn Lay 8124 History
Linda Lewis Linda Lewis 8026 Business Office
Ye Li Ye Li 8350 Chinese
Ken Maginnis Ken Maginnis 8152 Art
Rachel Manspeaker Rachel Manspeaker 8352 Mathematics
Nancy Matthews Nancy Matthews 8128 Library
Darlene Maxwell Darlene Maxwell 8133 Education
Travis McCall Travis McCall 8164 Athletics - Head Softball Coach
Shirley McClerklin-Motley Shirley McClerklin-Motley 8084 Social Work
David McCracken David McCracken 8119 English
Ronda McElveen Ronda McElveen 8061 Music
Sandy McKenzie Sandy McKenzie 8086 Information Technology
Jim McLaughlin Jim McLaughlin 8354 Physical Education
Sharon Moore Sharon Moore 857-4113 Financial Aid
Benny Morgan Benny Morgan 857-4196 Athletics - Men's & Women's Track & Field/Cross Country
Ali Nelson Ali Nelson 8393 Athletics - Squad
Jeremy Nere Jeremy Nere 8185 Institutional Advancement
Peter Nguyen Peter Nguyen 8351 Mathematics
Melinda Norris Melinda Norris 8148 Business Administration
David Olliver David Olliver
Athletics - Men's Lacrosse
Suzanne Parker Suzanne Parker 8257 Physical Education
Tracy Parkinson Tracy Parkinson 8012 Provost
Robin Perdue Robin Perdue 8025 Business Office
Sarah Peterka Sarah Peterka 857-4127 Admissions
Emily Phillips Emily Phillips 8034 Bookstore
Chris Pierce Chris Pierce 857-8145 Kalmia Gardens
Dee Pierce Dee Pierce 8014 Institutional Advancement
Shay Pierce Shay Pierce 8137 Education
Dick Puffer Dick Puffer 8380 Communications
Jordan Pupa Jordan Pupa 857-4130 Admissions
Julia Rafalowski Julia Rafalowski 857-4101 Athletics - Head Women's Volleyball Coach
Jennifer Rhodes Jennifer Rhodes 8012 Provost
Robin Richardson Robin Richardson 8021 Learning Support Services
Mary Ridgeway Mary Ridgeway 8145 Kalmia Gardens
Todd Rix Todd Rix 8270 Library
Jessica Robbins Jessica Robins 8177 Science and Mathematics
Penny Rogers Penny Rogers 335-5471 Coker Band
Steve Rogers Steve Rogers 335-5471 Coker Band
Aric Samuel Aric Samuel 8092 Athletics - Men's Basketball
Kyle Saverance Kyle Saverance 8017 Marketing & Communications
Dan Schmotzer Dan Schmotzer 8072 Athletics - Men's Basketball
Dave Schmotzer Dave Schmotzer 8105 Athletics - Baseball
Gwyn Senokossoff Gwyn Senokossoff 8132 Education
Jasna Shannon Jasna Shannon 8116 Language & Literature
Johnna Shirley Johnna Shirley 8016 Institutional Advancement
Mike Siegfried Mike Siegfried 8104 Sociology
Bill Simpson Bill Simpson 8076 Athletics - Head Men's & Women's Tennis Coach
Meredith Sims Meredith Sims 8335 Dance
Eric Snyder Eric Snyder 8268 Athletics - Head Men's Volleyball Coach
Darlene Small Darlene Small 8039 Center for Engaged Learning
Peggy Smith Peggy Smith 8178 Institutional Advancement
Ryan Smith Ryan Smith 8064 Music
Barb Steadman Barb Steadman 8010 President
Joe Stevano Joe Stevano 8041 Business Administration
Christian Stryker Christian Stryker 8068 Athletics
Ambrosia Teabo Ambrosia Teabo 8050 Admissions
Steve Terry Steve Terry 8035 Enrollment & Student Services
Margaret Theismann Margaret Theismann 8194 Library
Jamie Thomas Jamie Thomas ---- Adult Degree Program
Christine Thompson Christine Thompson 857-4199 President
Caitlin Vance Caitlin Vance 8058 Center for Engaged Learning
Cy Wainwright Cy Wainwright 857-4214 Athletics - Wrestling
Megan Wainwright Megan Wainwright 857-4211 Institutional Advancement
Katie Walters Katie Walters 8034 Bookstore
Krystal Washington Krystal Washington 8186 Information Technology
Whitney Watts Whitney Watts 8035 Campus Life
Christina Webb Christina Webb 8013 Adult Degree Program
Josh Webb Josh Webb 8378 Theater
Stephanie Weiss Stephanie Weiss 8113 Business Administration
Tracey Welborn Tracey Welborn 8044 Psychology
Angela White Angela White 8055 Financial Aid
Miesha White Miesha White 857-4299 Academic Records
Betty Williams Betty Williams 8055 Financial Aid
Chris Williams Chris Williams 8168 Athletics - Head Men's Soccer Coach
John E. Williams John Williams 8399 Education
Mac Williams Mac Williams 8117 Language & Literature
Michael Williamson Michael Williamson 8066 Campus Safety
Norah Wofford Norah Wofford 857-4215 Marketing & Communications
Graham Wood Graham Wood 8065 Music
Robert Wyatt Robert Wyatt 8010 President
Ze Zhang Ze Zhang 8122 Computer Science

Contract Employees

First Last Phone Department/Office
Rick Gant Rick Gant 8142 Sodexo
Jewel Hoover Jewel Hoover ---- 383-8080 Physical Plant
George Mitchell George Mitchell 383-8140 Campus Safety
Brook Norris Brook Norris 383-8040 Counseling Services
Brittany Stone Brittany Stone 8390 Athletic Trainer