Student Profile - Norah Wofford
Norah Wofford

Student Profile
Norah Wofford

Epiphanies come in all shapes and sizes. Norah Wofford’s came in the form of a slick, black binder buried in the back of her mother’s walk-in closet.

Seventeen-year-old Norah came across her mom’s graphic design portfolio when she was searching for mementos from her childhood. Instead, she found her future.

She had always known her mom had gone to art school, but had never thought much of it. And as Norah looked through her mom’s design samples, she realized what she wanted to do with her life.

“I’ve been around art my whole life,” said Norah, now a 21-year-old senior art major (with a concentration in graphic design) at Coker College. “Then after I found my mom’s portfolio, I knew that was exactly what I wanted to do.”

Norah decided to make Coker her academic home after visiting the campus during her senior year at Georgetown High School in Georgetown, S.C. She was impressed by the Art Department as well as the personal feel of the visit.

Norah Wofford

“I just really love this college,” she said. “I love chaotic places like New York City, but not for learning. For learning, I needed to be in a place where people know my name.”

Norah said the small class size and the discussion-based, round table teaching style enables her, as a student, to play a more active role in class and in her education as a whole. Norah has also played an active role in the recent changes at Coker as the college moves forward in redefining what it means for a student to be ready for the real world.

She has been an exceptional example of Coker’s redefinition of ready, thanks to her internship and study abroad experience.

Through her graphic design internship in Coker’s Office of Marketing and Communications, Norah has enhanced her design skills, developed an impressive portfolio and learned to effectively communicate with clients.

As a recipient of the Susan Coker Watson Scholarship, she also had the opportunity to study abroad in Paris, where she spent ten days attending class, visiting museums and figuring out the metro system.

“I feel like these experiences have helped me grow into an adult and have given me many of the resources I will need to succeed in a career after college,” Norah said.

Norah also became very interested in film and photography, which lead to a first place award in the Student Art Show in spring 2010. Her work has been featured in the Coker Literary Magazine and other publications.

“Norah has always exhibited those characteristics desirable in an art student,” said Ken Maginnis, an Associate Professor of Art at Coker. “She has a great work ethic, the ability to focus, an innate curiosity, creativity and passion for the work. In the time I’ve known her, she has been a good example of how a college student should become aware of the learning process. When done at Coker, Norah will be prepared for most any competitive design environment.”

She might never have imagined the impact snooping in her mom’s closet would have, but Norah has certainly embraced the realization that struck her that day and landed her at Coker College, which has helped her become ready for a successful career in graphic design.

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