Alumni Profile - Conrad Deese
Conrad Deese

Wherever you want to go, Coker College can get you there.

For Conrad Deese, individual career guidance and an internship with a local hospital led him to a successful career in healthcare administration.

Since graduating from Coker with a business administration degree in 2005, Deese has moved through several positions in healthcare administration—from business office director to chief financial officer. But it all began with an internship at Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center in Hartsville, SC.

“I interned there for pretty much my whole senior year in different roles—materials management, the business office, human resources—so met a lot of people, and from there figured out I was interested in healthcare,” he says. “Then, with my business degree, I was able to get a position in their revenue cycle.”

An internship gave him the foot in the door and the experience needed to land a job right out of college. But Conrad thanks his well-rounded, personalized Coker education for putting him on the path to professional success.

“The best part of my education was the ability to connect with faculty,” he says. “There’s a lot of attention given to every student, and the professors really have the ability to personalize the education to each of their students. They spend a good amount of time talking about future career paths.”

After Coker, Conrad went on to earn his MBA from the University of Florida to pursue his interest in finance. But Conrad says his liberal arts education is what broadened his mind and built the foundation of his professional life. “Whether it’s meeting different people, or learning about topics that you might not have learned about otherwise, or the depth of knowledge you obtain…you’re really challenging yourself,” he says.

No matter what field you enter after college, Conrad says the ability to learn on the job will take you far—in life, and in your career.

“I don’t think any education is going to tell you exactly how to do a job when you get out of school,” he says. “But a good education teaches you to learn. It teaches you to adapt and gives you the skills to be able to go out and learn on the job. At Coker, I learned how to prepare for anything.”



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