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Welcome to Coker College Admissions

Coker offers an exceptional living and learning environment where YOU matter.

Here's where you will find the answers you're looking for if you are a high school student looking at colleges, an international student wanting to study in the U.S., a student interested in transferring to Coker from another school, or an adult who wants to earn a bachelor's degree.

Coker's admissions staff and these pages will help you make the best decision about your higher education.

If you want to contact us directly, please do so. You can call us at 1-800-950-1908 or e-mail us at

What do we mean by
Coker [ your ] College?

At Coker, you can customize your education, study abroad, do an internship, double major, participate in the campus community, and develop your communication and leadership skills. Coker's relatively small size is its advantage...we can help you make things happen.

At Coker, we're [re]defining ready.

Preparing our students for the world as it was, or even as it is, does them a serious disservice. We have to help them to succeed regardless of what the future brings. We have to Redefine Ready.

Instead of our graduates wondering, “Am I ready for the real world?” we want them asking, “Is the real world ready for me?”