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What Not to Bring

Most items that are not permitted in the residence halls are fire safety hazards in a residence hall setting. This list of fire safety hazards includes candles of any kind, incense, any appliance with a visible heating element (i.e. hot plates, toasters, toaster ovens); George Foreman grills, ceramic or space heaters, two-pronged extension cords, halogen lamps, lava lamps, excessive use of decorative lights, black lights, hookahs (regardless of use/decoration), etc. Other items not permitted in the residence halls include: water-filled furniture, curtains, street signs, regardless of how they have been obtained; weapons of any kind; and any pet (other than fish in a 10 gallon or less aquarium). Students found in possession of any of the above items will be charged through the campus judicial system.

This, Not That

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size bed sheets do I need to bring?
A: The best size of bed sheets for mattresses across campus is twin XL.

Q: Are freshmen allowed to bring cars? Is a parking permit required to park on campus?
A: Yes, freshmen are allowed to bring cars. Parking permits are required to park in College parking lots. All parking fees are included in tuition.

Q: Do I need to bring a car?
A: Most first and second year students find that they do not need a car. There is a Wal-Mart Super Center within biking distance, and many other stores are within walking distance of campus. If you do bring a car, parking close to your residence hall may not be available due to limited spaces. However, two large parking lots are available on campus:  next to Grannis Residence Hall and at the entrance of the College.

Q: What if I need housing over the Thanksgiving or Christmas break?
A: The residence halls are closed during the Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. Residents should make plans early so that they can exit the residence halls on time.

Q: Can I connect my computer to the campus network from my room?
A: Yes, as long as your computer meets the minimum network requirements and you bring or buy a network cable. All residence halls have wireless capabilities.

Q: What furnishings are provided in each room?
A: Beds, mattresses, chests, desks, desk chairs, closets or wardrobes and mini blinds. All furniture provided must stay in the room.

Q: What kind of pets may I have in my room?
A: Only fish are allowed, and only in tanks that are 10 gallons or less.

Q: How are the residence halls and rooms cleaned?
A: A professional custodial staff cleans all of the residence hall public areas including hallways, lounges and community bathrooms on a daily basis (Monday-Friday). However, they do not pick up after students. So, as a student, you will need to do your part to keep things in the residence halls tidy. All students are responsible for their own rooms and bathrooms, where applicable.

Q: Am I able to bunk my bed?
A: Yes, beds can be bunked in all residence halls.

Q: How do I find out who my roommate is?
A: You will receive a letter from the Residence Life Office near the middle of July informing you of your roommate’s name, address and phone number. Incoming freshmen will use roommate matching software to help choose your roommate. Information on how to access the roommate matching software will be sent to your Coker email beginning in early May.

Q: Is cable TV available?
A: Basic cable is provided in each residence hall room.

Q: Are laundry facilities provided on campus?
A: Laundry facilities are available in each residence hall. Laundry is free for residential students.



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