International Students - I-20

The Center for Engaged Learning is entrusted with assisting international students who wish to study at Coker College. After a student has received his/her letter of acceptance from Coker College, the Center will then work with the student to obtain all necessary information for the issuance of an I-20. The I-20 is the document that provides supporting information for the issuance of a student visa. Before an I-20 can be issued by Coker College, the following documents are needed:


Certification of Finances
Coker requires a completed and verified Foreign Student Certification of Finances Form. The U.S. Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement requires that international students provide proof that the family or sponsor can pay the expenses of attending college in the United States. A Certification of Finances Form indicating the exact amount due for the academic year will be emailed to international students after acceptance.  

A deposit in the amount of $650.00 must be paid by all international students entering Coker College. This deposit consists of a $500 Emergency Fund used should the student need to return home quickly and $150 Room Key Deposit. This fee is a one-time fee and must be paid prior to the issuance of an I-20.

Immunization Record/Medical Profile
Legal safeguards make it necessary for each residential student and student athlete to have a medical, physical and immunization record on file in the Health Services Office. The physical examination is not available through the Coker College Health Services.  The primary purpose of this medical record is to provide a basic point of reference in case of future illness, to identify any medical condition requiring attention before it interferes with your studies or sport activities and to provide the Health Services Nurse and athletic trainers with knowledge of any necessity for ongoing treatment. All information revealed will be considered confidential and will not interfere with acceptance in the College unless such findings would endanger other students or staff.

Immunization Record/Medical Profile

Acceptance of Financial Award
Students who receive financial assistance from Coker College will receive a Financial Aid Award Letter detailing the total cost of attendance, the amount of the award and the balance due.  Students are required to sign this award letter acknowledging that they understand they will be required to make payment of all monies due upon their arrival at Coker College.



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Assistant Dean/Director, Center for Engaged Learning

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Administrative Assistant for the Center for Engaged Learning


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