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Your story is important. It deserves to be told.

The Office of Marketing and Communications is comprised of a team of creative strategists, with experience in marketing, communication, branding - and of course, storytelling.

We use a variety of written, visual, and digital mediums to express the values of the Coker community and support the college’s brand. That could mean assisting in the development of promotional strategy for an event, streamlining communication practices on campus, or simply sharing the good news of a fellow cobra’s accomplishments.

Essentially, we specialize in showing the world what a special place Coker College is...and we really, really love our jobs.

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Brand Guidelines

Our Logo

The Coker logo is the foundation of our visual identity. It is our name, our face and our signature that determines how the rest of the world sees us. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

For more than a century, Davidson Hall has served as the definitive symbol of Coker College—resting, both literally and figuratively, at the heart of our campus. Through a modern yet iconic representation of Davidson, our logo projects a sense of place, grounded in history and excellence. The six columns allude to the six pillars of the Student Covenant, and the addition of a circular mark represents Coker's signature round-table, discussion-based learning. We take an unexpected departure from a standard use of campus architecture by showing the building’s face at a bold new angle.

The sans-serif type treatment of “Coker” combined with a more traditional serif face for “College” puts a modern twist on a traditional element, portraying Coker as an institution with both a superior legacy and a bright future.


With the new brand, you now have the choice between two color schemes: "Southern Skies" and "Classic Navy." You can see examples of these below. When you place an order, just note which color scheme you would like.

Also, instead of receiving letterhead with your office/department's contact information already printed in the footer, you will receive a generic version of the letterhead. When you place an order, we will send you a customized Microsoft Word template with your office/department's contact information in the footer. If you have further questions about how this works, please feel free to contact us.

*If you'd like to order less than 250 sheets, you will need to purchase it at the Coker Bookstore. This will be available when classes start.



Business Cards

Institutional/Athletic Business Cards

The institutional card is available in the "Southern Skies" color scheme and the "Classic Navy" color scheme. On the order form, Athletic staff members will select "Athletic" from the drop-down menu for "Business Card Type." The required fields are "Name," "Title," "Email" and "Office Number." The optional fields are "Cell Phone Number" and "Fax Number." The options for quantity are 250 or 500.


Name Badges

Institutional Name Badges

The institutional name badge has a magnetic back and is 3" x 1.5". The required fields are "Name," "Title" and "Office/Department." If you are ordering a name badge for more than one person, you will need to fill out a form for each person. If you would like more than one name badge for one person, choose the "Quantity" drop-down option.

Powerpoint Template

We have developed our own theme in PowerPoint with our colors and typefaces (included in the Google Drive folder). We have included a few slides inside of the PowerPoint to show you different ways that the slides can be utilized. To add a new slide you simply click the arrow next to new slide and choose from the 10 different layouts. 


Photo Library

Below you will see a link for the "Coker College Photos 2015-16". This will give you access to our most recent collection of photography via Google Drive. Simply click through the images and download the photos you would like to use.