Medical Technologist

A Bachelor of Science degree in medical technology may be attained at Coker College through a cooperative program with McLeod Regional Medical Center. Students may obtain the degree in a four-year course of study. The first three years are spent at Coker College; the fourth year is in the clinical portion of the program and is conducted at McLeod Regional Medical Center in Florence, South Carolina.


In order to be considered for admission into the clinical portion of the program, students must meet the following requirements:

  • minimum SAT of 450 on both verbal and mathematics (minimum 900 total);
  • maintain an overall grade point average of 2.5 with a science grade point of 2.6;
  • complete all college Liberal Arts Studies Program requirements (as outlined below); and
  • complete the required biology, chemistry and mathematics courses (as outlined below)
Liberal Arts Studies Program:

Course requirements for students in the Medical Technology Program are as follows:

Core Skills (21 semester hours)

  • COM101
  • ENG100, ENG101, and ENG102
  • MAT210 or MAT222
  • PE120 or PE215
  • Non-native language at the 102 college level

Knowledge of the Arts* (6 semester hours)
Knowledge of the Behavioral Sciences*
(6 semester hours)
Knowledge of the Humanities*
(6 semester hours)
Knowledge of the Natural Sciences
(7 semester hours)

  • BIO101 or BIO110
  • CHE101 and CHE101L

Knowledge of the United States* (3 semester hours)
Knowledge of the Wider World* (3 semester hours)
* see “Academic Catalog” for course listings that fulfill these requirements.

Biology Course Requirements:

A minimum of 17 semester hours including:

  • BIO110L - Principles of Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory (1 semester hour)
  • BIO111 + BIO111L - Core Principles of Organismal Biology and the associated laboratory (3 semester hours + 1 semester hour) or BIO102 + BIO102L - General Biology of Whole Organisms and associated laboratory (3 semester hours + 1 semester hour)
  • BIO211 - Core Principles of Genetics (4 semester hours)
  • BIO227 and BIO328 or BIO327 and BIO328 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II (8 semester hours)
  • BIO330 - Microbiology (4 semester hours)

Recommended Courses are:

  • BIO461 - Introduction to Biochemistry (3 semester hours)
Chemistry Course Requirements:

A minimum of 12 semester hours including:

  • CHE102 and 102L - General Chemistry II (4 semester hours)
  • CHE351, 351L, 352 and 352L - Organic Chemistry I and II (8 semester hours)
Mathematics Course Requirements:
  • MAT203- Elementary Statistics (3 semester hours)
Additional Recommended courses:
  • PHY203, 203L, 204, 204L - Calculus Physics I and II (8 semester hours)

During the fourth year of study at McLeod Regional Medical Center the student completes a fifty-two week program integrating classroom lectures and practical experience. The following courses must be taken during that time: basic and advanced hematology, clinical hemostasis, instrumentation and methods, clinical chemistry, clinical microbiology, mycology, parasitology, and virology, clinical microscopy, immunohematology, clinical immunology, and medical laboratory systems.

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