Student Experience

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Your college story starts here. Coker will surround you with a nurturing, inclusive community that's invested in your personal success—from the first day of school until graduation and beyond. 
Adult Degree
When it's time for the next chapter of your story, Coker gives you both the flexibility and the support you need to create a better, brighter future. 
At Coker, we do all we can to ensure that you succeed at the highest level. Often, that includes helping you balance your professional and educational path with your family life. We get it. 
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At Coker, the college experience is about being active and involved.

For the student who's ready to raise her hand and say, "I'm in," there's a world of opportunity waiting.

Campus Life programs are the best way to get involved in the Coker Community. The Campus Life Office consists of Residence Life, Student Activities, Judicial, Leadership, Orientation, Intramurals & Wellness.

An active, student-centered and integrated campus community is crucial to the mission of Coker College and Student Services. To achieve this goal, a comprehensive program of activities and services is provided which promotes students’ success and which facilitates their intellectual, cultural, moral, and social growth. It is a primary goal that Coker College provide a challenging yet supportive environment in order that students can develop and achieve their potential and help them prepare for life after college.


The Coker College Student Covenant

Coker College is a community dedicated to scholarship and community engagement. Those who join our circle of learning commit to a lifelong journey of intellectual & personal growth and service to others.

Inspired by the six pillars of Davidson Hall, I agree to uphold the following tenets of the Coker College Student Covenant. I will:

  • Conduct myself with integrity and be responsible for my actions and their consequences.
  • Respect the rights, property, culture, and beliefs of others.
  • Engage myself as an honorable scholar inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Hold myself and others accountable for the sustainability of our environment.
  • Offer my knowledge and creativity to serve my community.
  • Contribute to the wider world through a continued pursuit of knowledge.

As Davidson Hall serves as the center landmark of our campus, so shall these six tenets serve as the foundation for my actions and decisions as a member of this community. By pledging to these tenets, I obligate myself to honor the principles that define Coker College.