Coker Repertory Dance Company

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Coker Repertory Dance Company is a year-long course designed for sophomores and freshmen that offers a pre-professional dance company experience.

Students have the opportunity to learn choreography from both faculty and guest artists, and perform these pieces throughout the year at different venues both on-campus and off.

This class provides students not only with a variety of performance opportunities, but also the experience of working in a collaborative process that mirrors being in a company in the current dance field. In addition, the students will learn choreography from a range of dance styles and the interworking of different creative processes. Dancers develop specific skills, competencies, and points-of-view needed by professionals in the field most closely related to this course. The dancers will acquire skills to work together as a group to learn choreography, problem solve, apply feedback, and rehearse as a united team.

The Coker Repertory Dance Company is directed by Kristin Hapke

On-Campus Performance Events

  • Faculty and Guest Artist Dance Concert
  • Alumni Day
  • Performing and Visual Arts Day
  • Art Meets Art
  • Performing Arts Showcase
  • Informal Dance Concerts 

Off-Campus Performance Events

  • SCAPHERD and SCDancing Conference Performances
  • Lectures/demonstrations at schools, such as Charleston County School for the Arts, Williams Middle School and Thornwell School for the Arts

Guest Artists

George Staib of Staibdance  |  Atlanta

Stephanie Wilkins  |  Columbia

Teena Marie Custer, b-girl  |  Pittsburgh

Meg Scriffren  |  Winthrop University

Trent Williams  |  SWAMP fest, University of Florida