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Everybody’s different, and have you ever wondered why?

If you are interested in people, the quirks of human nature, and the complex questions surrounding behavior, Coker’s online psychology degree can open up a world of opportunity.  A major in psychology provides insight into both the world around you and your own personal development. In Coker’s digital classroom, you’ll learn how to predict, interpret and control behaviors, as well as research methodology,observation skills, and scientific analysis.

Remain at the forefront of your field with this online graduate program.

This specialized Master of Education program at Coker College is designed for educators and professionals who wish to focus on curriculum and instructional technology in an educational setting. Offered in an online format, this advanced degree is attainable for those currently working in the field of education.

Examine justice from every angle with a fully online bachelor’s degree program.

Today’s criminologists have the opportunity to change our society for the better. Whether you’re interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement, counseling, immigration, law, or any number of professional areas—a degree in criminology will equip you with valuable insights into criminal motivations and the American justice system.

An online undergraduate program for 21st-century leaders

Build a strong foundation in management with this 100 percent online program that is relevant to today’s constantly evolving business landscape.

Natural leaders are often drawn to management. Success in these positions is driven by the ability to solve problems, make decisions, and rally teams around a common goal. From managing people to workplace functions, professionals must build on their innate leadership abilities and leverage them in group, organizational, and social settings.

Nationally, increases in the number of bachelor’s degrees in sports management have quadrupled the overall growth rate of baccalaureate degrees awarded in recent years. Master’s degrees in sports management have outpaced all master’s degrees by a margin of seven to one. With that explosion has come rapidly evolving specializations ranging from programs in motorsports operations to sport event security management.

College athletics is extraordinarily complex and has become a high-profile aspect of most institutions of higher education. In fact, a master’s degree is commonly the preferred qualification for D-I athletic personnel. Coker’s program is designed to equip tomorrow’s administrators with a rigorous academic foundation—a forward-thinking curriculum that balances theory with real-world experiences and creativity with bottom-line analytical thinking.

The Master of Science in College Athletic Administration at Coker College offers students a solid foundation in specialized areas such as current issues in college athletics, NCAA compliance regulations, sport communication, sport law, recruiting of coaches and athletes, fundraising, sport business management and sport marketing.

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