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Welcome to Coker College Parent Association

Congratulations!  Because you have a student at Coker College, you are a member of the Coker College Parent Association (CCPA).  You are in great company!

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What can you expect from CCPA?

  1. A monthly newsletter during the school year keeping you informed about important dates and events on campus, information about student life, campus updates, messages from the College Administration and much more.
  2. An annual Family Weekend filled with campus activities and time to spend with your student in their college environment – this year TBD
  3. A network of other parents of Coker students who are experiencing the same things that you are with your student.  CCPA can open lines of communication for you to meet and talk with other parents.
  4. Get to know specific campus leaders who you can contact with questions and concerns. Please email if you have questions or concerns.

What does CCPA expect from you?

  1. Be engaged.  Get involved.  Visit campus.  Attend events, ie performances, art shows, guest lectures, sporting events.
  2. Read your monthly newsletter.  Follow the College on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  3. Tell others about Coker College.  Help recruit students to Coker.  Be a Coker ambassador.
  4. Be a Coker supporter with your time, talent and resources.  Giving to Coker is easy at
  5. Let us know your thoughts and ideas for making the Parent’s Association better.

Thank you for entrusting to us your most precious gift.  Please know that it is not a responsibility we take lightly.  We look forward to watching them change over the years and then leave Coker to change the world.