August 26, 2010 - Staff Meeting

Staff Meeting Minutes
August 26, 2010

Welcome - Lynn Rawls

Approval of Minutes
Mary Lathan Steele made a motion to accept as emailed and the motion was seconded by Perry Wilson. The motion passed.

Dr. Wyatt reminded us that the theme for this year is “Superior, Superb Service.” Our objective is to give exceptional service to make every student feel special. He also asked us to help with the College clean up by picking up trash as we go along our way on campus.

Student/Parent Orientation and FERPA – Steve Terry
• FERPA laws prohibit us from sharing any information about students, even with their parents.
• “Target X” Consultants will report on their findings on November 4th — try to attend one of the sessions at 8:30, 11:30 and 3:30.

Post Office/Copier Updates – Tarshia Edwards
• The $30 balance problem will be corrected by 1:00 pm today. If you are having a problem with setting up a pin or any other copier issues, please email Tarshia. 
• Work-study students are entering mailbox numbers into Datatel. You can view these numbers on the ‘DADD’ screen. All student numbers are four digits long and begin with 2 or 3. If you see three digit numbers in Datatel, they are old. Please don’t use those.
• Approximately ½ of ALPHA students have requested mailboxes. If any others would like to have a box, please ask them to see Tarshia or Elaine in the mailroom.

Staff Survey - We had a good response to the survey with 71 people participating.  CSAC will look at the results and formulate a report for the Administrative Staff.

New Staff Members
Jessica Baker—Admissions
Harrison Waters—Media Development
Neil Sickendick—S.I.F.E. Coordinator
April Palmer—Director of Residence Life
Kyria Hoffman—Institutional Advancement, Communications, & President

Lifesaver Awards
Jennifer Rhodes & Barbara Jackowski presented a Lifesaver Award to Wes Daniels for setting up for their early Saturday event the night before, after his evening event.

Tasha Stryker & Jen Borgo presented a Lifesaver Award to Josh Euten & Emily Deck for taking care of the athletes and a lot more.

Dave Schmotzer presented a Lifesaver Award to Bruce Douglas for going above and beyond the call of duty in recruiting.  He is a “Stud Muffin.”

Lisa Potoka presented a Lifesaver Award to Kyle Saverance and Christian Stryker for bringing their personal lawnmowers to the boathouse and mowing before their splash party.

Department of the Month
Lynn Rawls recognized the Admissions and Financial Aid Staff as the Department of the Month.

Staff Excellence Award
Nominated by Steve Terry, Ginger Freeman was presented the Staff Excellence Award for all she has done on and off campus this summer to get ready for the incoming students.

Next Month's Staff Meeting
Tom Giffin and Mary Lathan Steele will host the September meeting at Drengaelen.

National MS Bike to the Beach is having lunch at Coker College on September 25th. See Dee Pierce to volunteer.


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