March 18, 2010 - Staff Meeting

Staff Meeting Minutes
March 18, 2010


Approval of minutes
Motion made to accept minutes as emailed by Mary Fernandes, seconded by Mary Lathan Steele, voted and passed.

Abuse of 911 Addresses
Your physical address is not for packages or mail to bypass the Coker post office—the exception to this is Staples.

What is CSAC up to now?
We cannot make any policy changes but will make proposals and have them given to the Administrative Staff for consideration.

Staff Manual
The first proposal is changes to the funeral leave policy, which has already been given to the Administrative Staff.  If you have any questions or suggestions of changes to the manual, please let us know.  See end of minutes for communication methods.

Staff Development
We have also made a proposal for all staff to have computer training and we are waiting for their answer.

Social Event – May 21
We will have a luau at the Boathouse. The time is still not set. It is for all staff to have a fun time together.

Responding to questions and requests from online anonymous
We would like a place for faculty/staff to eat, meet, and relax aside from student locations.  There is no place like this at time time. Dr. Wyatt is aware of this and said there may be plans for this in the future with the relocation of offices.

Staff Survey
There is no survey at this time, but ones from different colleges are being researched.  The morale committee did a sampling survey recently.

Lifesaver Awards
 Mary Lathan Steele presented lifesavers to Dee Pierce to thank her for “being prepared” by having just about everything in her closet.
 Lynn Rawls presented lifesavers to Dee Pierce and Ginger Freeman for filling in for last meeting while she was sick—leading the meeting and doing the minutes.
 In Stacy Atkinson’s absence, Marcy Kershner presented lifesavers to Sandy McKenzie and Daniel Moree for the way the help their office SO MUCH by uploading grades so quickly.

Staff Excellence Award
This monthly award and gift card is for someone going above and beyond their job doing an outstanding performance and making a lasting impression on Coker.  There were 5 nominations and the committee had a hard time picking just one.  Lynn Rawls presented this award to Michele South.

Relay For Life
The Coker Team has $ 3,326 to date.

Womanless Beauty Pageant—was well attended and raised $ 2,900.

Bake Sale – March 29—11 am – 1 pm and 4:30 – 5:30 pm in 1st floor SUB.  There will also be purple ribbons, beads and lanyards for $1 donation each.

Coffee in the Courtyard – April 1—Relay For Life honored—Survivors and in memory to be read—Send names to Lynn Rawls—Wear purple that day.

Bikes & BBQ – April 17—still time to sign up—have designed new 5 easy steps to register form.  Ask or email Dee Pierce for your registration.

Luminaries & Dress Down--$10 for luminaries (they will be lit at Relay event) and $2 for one or $10 for a sheet of Dress down stickers—check with your supervisor for approval.

Questions from the floor

Means of communication
Monthly meetings
 Campus mail addressed to CSAC
  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
 - meeting minutes, names and numbers of CSAC members, CSAC By-laws, make suggestions

Adjournment -  8:50 am

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