January 7, 2010 - Staff Meeting

Staff Advisory Council
January 7, 2010

Approval of minutes
Tarshia Edwards moved to accept minutes as printed. Janice Bullard seconded the motion. All were in favor and the motion passed.

Election of Officers
Janice Bullard was asked to conduct the election of officers. Volunteers were accepted and voted upon. The following positions were filled:
Chair – Lynn Rawls
Recorder – Dee Pierce
Treasurer – Ginger Freeman

Conflict of Interest Policy
A few suggestions were made and will be given to Greg Garber for consideration.
1. How will this policy effect those in the reserves and national guard? Neither of these is specifically addressed.
2. Clarification is needed for employees whose contracts are less than 12 months (i.e. summer jobs conflicting with recruiting).
3. Is it possible to rewrite the first paragraph so that it is not so wordy? (i.e. conflict of interest repeated so many times)
4. One spelling error was noted toward the end of #2 under the General Definitions (“… that completes with,…” should be “… that competes with,…”).

Re-defining Ready for College Staff – Kyle Saverance
Kyle presented a plan to provide staff with software training through Lynda.com. After a very lengthy discussion, an adhoc committee was formed to further develop this proposal and present at next month’s meeting. Those committee members are Kyle Saverance, Tommy Baker, Angela White, and Anna Tingen. 

Human Resources Issues – Janice Bullard
Bi-annual report on sick leave and vacation – Janice reported that this would be possible if all staff members would submit their CP004 forms on time. Currently, many staff members may go months without submitting any forms. If all forms were submitted on time, this information could be printed on our check stubs. This will be addressed at the general staff meeting on January 21.

Clarification of comp-time policy

Safety Issues
A list of 911 addresses for all buildings has been placed in the T drive under common/campus telephone services. Please remember that these addresses are for emergency purposes only. Mail and package deliveries should be addressed to 300 E. College Avenue. Russ Croft hopes to put numbers on each building in the near future.

What is the roll of CSAC in these matters? Our role will be to listen to the issues of the staff regarding repairs and safety concerns. When possible, we may be able to help with simple requests such as a published list of 911 addresses. When the concerns are greater, Dr. Wyatt requested we take those issues to the administration in charge of the area of concern and ask for help in resolving the issues. We do not want staff to feel like they do not have a voice. Even though we cannot fix all problems, we should try to facilitate and get answers.

It is recommended that we send emails to the Physical Plant instead of making phone calls unless there is an emergency. The email address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . When emailing, please copy Russ Craft and your immediate supervisor.

Staff Professional Development Funds
Janice has requested a Staff Professional Development fund for next year.

Drive way at Drengaelen is in need of repair. This is something that needs to be reported by Frank Bush.


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