August 18, 2011 - Staff Meeting

Staff Meeting Minutes
August 18, 2011

Welcome - Given by Jennifer Rhodes

Approval of July Minutes - Motion for approval of July 14, 2011 minutes was made by Lynn Rawls. A second was received by Dr. Jason Umfress.

Reports from the Administrative Team

Dr. Robert Wyatt - Dr. Wyatt thanked everyone for their hard work over the last few weeks. He stated that day enrollment is looking good and that he is hopeful that we will meet our goal of 700 day students this semester. Numbers are not looking as good for the evening school.

Dr. Wyatt talked about the USA Today article. Why did we choose the wellness story? He said several stories were pitched to the media and this is the first one that was picked up. He is hopeful we will hit the national media again soon.

We have 22 businesses participating in Cobras Welcome Here! Please use these discounts and encourage other businesses to participate.

The Arts and Science group surveyed students who chose to attend Coker as well as students who didn’t. Dr. Wyatt said we learned that we need to grow from tiny to small. He would like to have 1,000 day students.

Dr. Tracy Parkinson - Dr. Parkinson stressed the importance of keeping student after the 10 day drop/add deadline. He said he had a good time with faculty week and that there are new projects in the works. Dr. Parkinson would like us to keep the faculty in mind when making policy changes and encourages us to invite them to sit on committees.

Dr. Steve Terry - Dr. Terry said he has heard a lot of record enrollment talk but he will not report any numbers until after drop/add. Dr. Terry moderated a services panel for parents during orientation and thought there would be issues with housing but no questions were asked. He feels this was possibly the best opening ever!

There will be an orientation debriefing on August 25th and all feedback is welcome.

The Admissions Office is hosting a drop in on August 29th in the Wiggins House at 5pm. Admissions will also be implementing a new software program that should be up by the end of August.

Mr. Kyle Saverance- Kyle announced that he will be implementing a new ticketing system called Zendesk for the Office of Marketing and Communications. This will allow him to keep better track of projects. When the system launches those wishing to submit a project can do so at marcom.coker.edu.

Customer Service Monthly Focus
Motto for the month – An emergency on your part does not always constitute an emergency on my part.

Many emergencies could be avoided if we did a better job of planning. When these instances are completely unavoidable it is important for you to understand that being rude and demanding will not get the job done any faster. Remember your demeanor when making requests does determine the speed in which you get service. Please be kind and patient when making request of others.
Lifesaver Awards
Jennifer Rhodes – Barbara Jackowski for her moving assistance
Barbara Steadman – Trevor Robinson for his help during the Downtown Lofts ribbon cutting
Dr. Tracy Parkinson – Office of Academic Records for their hard work
Dr. Susan Henderson – Mitch Brantley and Reggie Atkinson for their help loading her car
Lisa Potoka – Trevor Robinson for coming to the rescue and setting up the outdoor movie

Staff Excellence Award
Our Staff Excellence Award this month went to Jade Perkins. Jade was nominated by Shannon Flowers. Shannon said that in the short time that Jade has worked as an admissions counselor she has presented herself as well as one much more seasoned. While concentrating on meeting her personal enrollment goals may be important, she goes well beyond what is expected of her to insure that all students that walk through the doors of the Wiggins House receive full attention, whether or not they have been assigned to her or not. During the busy summer season while counselors were traveling or on vacation, she stepped up each time to make sure perspective students assigned to other counselors were cared for diligently. I have watched Jade work selflessly to encourage the growth of Coker as a whole. Often when questions arise that I cannot answer and I am unsure of which counselor to ask, I know that I can go to Jade because she will stand in the gap and make sure that the student or parent receives care. I am nominating Jade because she provides excellent student service, focuses on the goals of the college, and gives 110% of herself every day.

Don’t forget to complete the 2011 Staff Survey.

Means of Communication

  • Monthly meetings, committee members, by-laws, and minutes can be obtained at http://www.coker.edu/static/CSAC/
  • This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Anonymous questions/suggestions can be submitted through campus mail addressed to CSAC or through www.coker.edu/CSAC

Adjourned—9:16 a.m.








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