September 15, 2011 - Staff Meeting

Staff Meeting Minutes
September 15, 2011

Welcome - Given by Jennifer Rhodes

Approval of Minutes - August 18, 2011 Minutes Approved

A-Team Reports

Kyle Saverance – Professional photographers will be on campus on September 20 and 21 to take photos of the following buildings: Music, Performing Arts, Science, Davidson, and Wiggins. The photos will be used for the website and publications. Please use the ZenDesk Ticket System when making requests of the Office of Marketing and Communications. Please submit a request for each work request. Questions or concerns can be directed to Kyle Saverance at 8017 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Additional Reports

Wally Boatwright – The IT Department has received reports of employees sharing passwords with work-study students. Please contact IT if a password is needed for computers and software programs for work-studies. Use the C-Bay email list for non-work related postings. The college is considering switching to Google to host email and Outlook functions. More information will be made available at a later date on the logistics of the email switchover.

Customer Service Monthly Focus – The focus for this month is to focus on what we do right. Tarshia polled a few students and their response to what they like about Coker is below.

TJ Richards - likes the small classroom setting
Stephanie McGlothin - likes the small campus and home-town like environment
Josh Masciarelli - likes the smiles and friendliness when coming to get mail
Anthony Reese - likes that it is easy to get to know people
Chelsea Lane - likes that everybody knows everybody and people are willing to help you
Caitlyn Higgins - navigating through Admissions is much easier here than at other schools and things get done much faster.

Although these comments may not be directed toward your specific area, we want you to know that we actually do have a great thing here at Coker. Keep up the good work!

Staff Survey – The staff survey will close on October 1. Seventy-two (72) surveys have been completed. Please complete the survey in order to provide valuable input.

Lifesaver Awards

Dr. Will Carswell – Apologized to Tammy Dixon. The department would like to thank the following staff for making things easier and for going the extra mile when following through on tasks such as painting, moving furniture, cleaning, and finding furniture: Russ Croft, Tammy Dixon, Mitch Brantley, Reggie Atkinson, and Jamie Gibson. The department provided each staff member with a box of donuts.

Jason Umfress – During the Welcome Week activities a power shortage was experienced and Jason used his car lights as a source of lighting for an evening event which caused the battery to expire. Trevor Robinson jumped in and bought and installed a new battery for Jason’s car.

Alexa Bartel – Nancy Matthews volunteered to help the City of Hartsville during the Screen on the Green function on August 20.

Staff Excellence Award—The recipient of the Staff Excellence Award for the month of September goes to Tarshia Edwards and was nominated by Shirley McClerklin-Motley.
No matter how down I feel when I go into the post office Tarshia is always there to greet me with a smile and a cheerful hello. I have noticed that it is not just me who is greeted this way but everyone who steps up to the counter is made to feel as if he or she matters, and all requests are made a priority. I do not ever remember seeing her down even when her husband was overseas fighting for our country. I have observed people who have been very short with Tarshia, but she always placed a smile on her face and exemplified outstanding customer service. I have also observed her professionalism when working with persons who are not affiliated with the college but the community at-large. She represents Coker College to these people and I have never seen one person, whether he or she works for UPS, the local flower shop, or any other agency feel as if he or she was being ignored or treated unfairly. Also, when Tarshia answers the phone it is with that same exuberance that she personifies and it just makes one feel good inside to hear such a welcoming voice.
As Manager of Campus Mail and Telephone Services, Tarshia is fair to all students and employees. Therefore, it is without any reservation that I recommend this most deserving person as Staff Member of the Month.

New Hires
Tom Simpson – Men’s and Women’s Tennis Coach

Halloween Costume Party – October 24, 6:30 p.m., Coker College Boathouse

Means of Communication

  • Monthly meetings, committee members, by-laws, and minutes can be obtained at
  • This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Anonymous questions/suggestions can be submitted through campus mail addressed to CSAC or through

Adjourned—9:13 a.m.


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