November 17, 2011 - Staff Meeting

Staff Meeting Minutes
November 17, 2011

Welcome - Given by Jennifer Rhodes

Approval of Minutes - October 20, 2011 Minutes Approved

A-Team Reports

Dr. Steve Terry – Exams will begin soon after the Thanksgiving break and students may experience additional stress. Please refer students to Kate Kelly if you see that a student may need counseling. Approximately 300 ALPHA students have not pre-registered for term 3. Please encourage ALPHA and day students to pre-register for spring courses.

Additional Reports

Jennifer Rhodes – The thought for the month will be "Thank You." Many give thanks and show greater appreciation for many things during the holiday season. Saying "thank you" or expressing gratitude encourages and fosters gratitude from the recipient.

Elections for the Coker Staff Advisory Council (CSAC) will take place in December. CSAC members volunteer to serve one year terms without a term limit. CSAC was formed to facilitate communication among staff and College administration about interests, concerns, and issues that affect staff and the institution.

Meetings were held to review the CSAC Survey Results. The meetings provided additional comments and suggestions. A few of the suggestions are listed below. Move the monthly meeting to another day and/or time. Provide a suggestion box. Provide avenues to meet and get to know faculty. Provide more staff development. Develop a procedure and incorporate a first responder for each building.

The Halloween Costume Party was held on October 24 at the boathouse. Attendees had a really good time. A listing of costume winners are listed below.

1st Place – Christ Pierce, Batman
2nd Place – Dee Pierce, Batgirl
3rd Place – Jamie Byrd, Vampire
Scariest Costume – Bruce Eide
Funniest Costume – Susan Parker, Nudist on Strike
Most Original – Christian Stryker, Ceiling Fan
Best Overall Costume – Jewel Hoover, Gypsy

Lifesaver Awards

  • Lisa Potoka – Presented Whitney Watts with an award for volunteering to be the driver for Destination Unknown when the original driver cancelled.
  • Jamie Byrd – Russ Croft and Jamie Gibson for providing assistance after hours when Jamie was unable to gain access into her office.
  • Trevor Robinson – Presented Kyria Hoffman with a Lifesaver for providing help with an online problem.
  • Kevin Kelly – Presented Katie Flaherty with an award for volunteering to drive part of the cross country team to an event.

Staff Excellence Award—The recipient of the Staff Excellence Award for the month of November goes to Mary Buchner who was nominated by Tom Simpson.

She is priceless as a source of information.
She is selfless as a person, always giving of her time and expertise.
She is available as a staff person – her door is always open.
She is a historian that recalls what has been done in the past.
She is a doer: She worked on my computer, outsourced it to IT, got maintenance over to my office twice, and she built a 4 x 6 step in front of my office.
She is a teacher to all at the Athletic Department especially to me.
She is a friend because she puts up with me the ―new guy‖.
She was also a ―Key Player‖ in both of the special events at Coker: the Alumni Weekend and Taste of Coker.
She is the air traffic controller and glue at the Athletic Department.


  • Robin Perdue introduced Kyle Fisher, Bookstore Manager.
  • November 24 – Barbara Steadman will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner at 3:00 p.m. at the boathouse for those interested in participating.
  • December 1 – Fund Razor, participants will shave beards into the highest voted style and will wear the style until December 8.
  • December 13 – Dr. & Mrs. Wyatt are hosting a holiday luncheon for employees from 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. Invitations have been emailed. Please RSVP.

Means of Communication

  • Monthly meetings, committee members, by-laws, and minutes can be obtained at
  • This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Anonymous questions/suggestions can be submitted through campus mail addressed to CSAC or through

Adjourned—9:07 a.m.


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