Recent Theater Productions



by Neil Simon

October 19-21, 2001, Black Box Theater

First produced in New York in 1968 and starring George C. Scott and Maureen Stapleton, Plaza Suite consists of three plays in "the life" of the same hotel room.

The first play, Visitor from Mamaroneck, is about a suburban couple who takes the suite while their house is being painted. It turns out to be their former honeymoon suite and the couple face the consequences of their 23 or 24 (neither can remember) years of marriage.

Visitor from Hollywood deals with a movie producer who, after three marriages, calls up a childhood sweetheart for a fling. Now a suburban housewife, she turns out to be more than he expected.

The last story in Plaza Suite is of a mother and father trying to get their daughter out of the bathroom and down the hall to her wedding ceremony. A critic in 1968 called Visitor from Forest Hills "the wildest and most uproarious farce" he had seen on a stage.

Adam Weiner, associate professor of theater, is the director of Plaza Suite. He also did set and lighting design for the play. The cast is seniors Joni Roberts, Nathan Peterson, Heather Neely and Keri Martin, junior Brandon Nalewajek, sophomore Shemika Wardlaw, and freshmen Justin Glanville, Otiss Cox and Jennifer Easley, and William Lally, a member of the college staff. Junior Phinon Hawk is stage manager and costume design is by Lesley Tunstall.