The early pioneers of the "new typography" created a new order, a thought process and direction that effected most of the modern world. It has had an impact on my entire design career. For me, it has been a never ending search, discovery and re-sensitizing experience that continues to inspire and lead me to alternative directions in my professional work.

Although my background is Modernist in structure, the design process was gleaned from the teachings at Philadelphia College of Art, the University of Tennessee and the experiences in Basel, Switzerland. Much of my education was centered around the typgraphic philosophy of the "Swiss Style" or International Typographic Style of the mid 20th century. And, my instructors; Hofmann, Weingart, Rand, Matter, Allemann and Hiebert, to name a few. However, research for my work is never limited by any one art movement, era or designer and regardless of visual direction, included in my design process is my love for typography. I never wanted to be known for any one style or dogma, just very good design work and the best typography.