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Organizational Unit: Plant Operations


Plant Operations is responsible for the upkeep of buildings and grounds at the Hartsville campus. The department provides repair and general maintenance services to the college community through its Building Maintenance, Grounds Maintenance, and Housekeeping groups. An electronic system of work order requests is available to the college community and provides a convenient way for non-emergency needs to be submitted at any time.


  • Director of Plant Operations [853], Russ Croft [859]
    • Office Coordinator, Jewel Hoover
    • Sr. Building Maintenance Mechanic, Timmy Tyner
      • Building Maintenance Mechanic (2), Gary Lane and Tim Whitehead
    • Gardener, Matthew Smothers
    • Sr. Groundskeeper, James Cox
      • Groundskeeper (4), Steve Adams, C. C. Campbell, Chris Jordan, and Cornelius Felder.
    • Housekeeper (8), Rosa Lee Beasley, Joyce Simpkins, Emma Scott, Jannie Harrison, Dawn Singleton, Elaine Stephenson, Jeanette Green, and Frances Williams

Mission and Goals

Best Practices: Plant Operations adheres to applicable building codes and engineering practices in the performance of all assigned responsibilities. In carrying out its responsibilities, the department seeks the advice and assistance of licensed contractors as well as the local Building Inspector and Fire Marshall.

2003-4 Mission, Goals, and Objectives, [1092]

2003-4 Budget Proposal, [1091]

Effectiveness Improvements 1998-2003, [1417, p 2]

Reference Documents


Plant Operations is a key part of the College's support services organization. Its work touches students, faculty, staff and visitors and has a major impact on the image of the College both internally and externally. Its services include:

  • Providing housekeeping for residence halls. This involves maintaining public areas, such as halls and bathrooms, as well as removing trash, cleaning up spills, vacuuming and cleaning carpets, and cleaning and sanitizing all rooms in preparation for occupancy each academic year. In addition, Housekeeping maintains the floors in the dining hall and student center by stripping and waxing them at least twice per year.
  • Providing general housekeeping for all classrooms, offices, and public areas.
  • Providing maintenance support for all facilities, including residence halls. This includes lock repair or replacement, key replacement, plumbing and electrical repairs, and HVAC maintenance and replacement. Any time a student loses a key to a residence hall room, Plant Operations responds by re-coring the lock and issuing new keys. This is done to keep our students and their possessions secure.
  • Maintaining fire safety systems and equipment such as fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, fire pump, alarm system, and emergency exit lighting. In addition to internal maintenance, Plant Operations uses qualified contract services to test and maintain this equipment. Plant Operations also consults regularly with the local Fire Marshal when considereding changes in College buildings. The Fire Marshall also assists the College by conducting inspections semiannually, and at other times at the College's request.
  • Maintaining campus grounds, including mowing, planting of flowers, trimming of trees and shrubs, cleaning of sidewalks and parking areas, and picking up litter. This service not only provides a more attractive campus but also affects the safety and security for pedestrians.
  • Cutting and grooming the athletic fields, including baseball, softball, soccer, and practice fields. These facilities require specific care and a different skill level to maintain. Work includes cutting, edging, reseeding, fertilizing, top dressing, and weeding.
  • Setting up for meetings and events.
  • Delivering supplies to faculty and staff offices, so as to maintain efficiency and control the level of on-hand inventory.

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